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September 25, 2021

Senate, Chamber get 14 million lei in additional earmarks to host NATO PA session

The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies will be getting 14 million lei in additional 2017 earmarks from Government’s national reserves fund to fund their hosting in Bucharest, October 6-9, 2017 of the annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Under a governmental decision of April 12 published in the Official Journal, 3 million lei in additional funds are approved for the Senate in the 2017 chapter “Public administration and foreign action,” 1.62 million of which will be allocated for goods and service and 1.380 million for non-financial assets, all taken out from government’s national reserves for 2017.

Likewise, 10.989 million lei in additional outlays for the Chamber of Deputies were also approved in the 2017 budget chapter “Public administration and foreign action,” 724,000 lei for goods and services and 10.265 million for non-financial assets, again taken out from government’s national reserves for 2017.

According to the rationale for the decision published on the website of the Government’s General Secretariat, once Romania has become a member of NATO, its national parliament became a full member of the NATO PA, where it is represented by a permanent delegation.

The Romanian Parliament will be hosting, October 6-9, 2017 the 63rd annual session of the NATO PA.

“The NATO PA is an important forum for international parliamentary dialogue about security, politics, social and economic affairs, while also being an indicator of collective opinions of parliamentarians, indispensable to NATO and the member governments, given the kinds of operations conducted by NATO nowadays,” reads the reasoning note.

The document also says the Bucharest session entails the participation of 800 people, being a highlight in the calendar of world security events thanks to attendance numbers and themes to be discussed.

The expenses related to the session are shared by the two chambers of Romania’s Parliament, the same as it happened at the previous two such sessions hosted by Bucharest in October 1997 and in October 2011.

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