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June 25, 2022

Operation ‘The State’

Another hurricane is foreshadowed on the horizon of the Romanian political scene.

A scene that, even as it is, looks like the atmosphere of a sci-fi film in which a colony of earthlings who survived a cataclysm of biblical proportions is terrorised by some aliens who are fighting each other for the control of Earth.

I hope it is understood that, in this case, we, Romanians, are the colony and they – the politicians and the establishment they invented, which has become a sort of central brain of the state, which systematically goes haywire, turning against people, especially against its own creators and particularly against democracy and Romanians – are the alien civilisation.

This at a first glance.

Just as, also at a first glance, it seems Traian Basescu was not the legitimate president of Romania during his final term in office.

At least that’s how things seem to be now, following the explosive revelations made by Dan Andronic, former political consultant for Traian Basescu’s presidential campaign in 2009.

According to the things Andronic has stated in a manner as strange as possible now, 8 years since that moment and those events, leaving aside the entire daily political interface, which all Romanians can see and which is systematically presented to us as being as real and serious as possible, there is another facet of things and of the power that lies behind the official state power, one which not even politicians (sic!) know about.

And this power core, invisible albeit being extremely in the open, is the one which decided in 2009 to tip the scales of victory in the presidential battle in favour of Traian Basescu. Nothing simpler, apparently. As long as both sides of the problem accepted as serenely as possible that this is how things should be, because a handful of people wanted it and decided so based on reasons that eluded even the former president, according to his own statements, the one for whom all the laws of the state were broken, starting with the Constitution and ending with those that fundamentally define any democracy in the world. And when I say known and accepted by both sides of the problem, I’m also referring to the camp that included Basescu’s opponent, Mircea Geoana, PSD candidate, and his party and campaign staff.

As one might say, everybody knew what was happening at that moment and especially why it was happening, however everybody preferred to remain silent and knowingly cover up this monstrous coalition whose code name would be “The State, That’s Us”!

Hilarious and sad name, isn’t it? Because, after all, it’s clear that the imagination of those engaged in high-level and occult politics in Romania excels not even when it comes to the choice of codenames for secret operations in the field of coups d’état. Louis XIV beat them to it, declaring his absolutist and discretionary power as France’s monarch by saying “L’etat C’est Moi.”

This kind of revelation is like a delay-action bomb that explodes in your face precisely when you least expect, when you least think that it ever existed even in the most sinister and uninspired of Traian Basescu’s jokes which, in fact, he likes so much.

Because this kind of information, revelation or “sudden recollection” is devastating for the security and real existence of Romanian democracy and for the certainty that Romania was ever on the road that would at least lead to democracy if not there yet.

But what am I saying?! Anything is possible in Romania. Anything of the worse kind, obviously, to make myself well understood.

In this situation, the first question that I believe pops in anyone’s mind is: Who is really in charge of Romania and, especially, how do they do it?

And the next question, a follow-up to the first one: If there are people like Dan Andronic, who were and continue to be close to this kind of “black sun” of ruling power, why are these people complacent in criminal silence, in this diabolical game, only for them to wake up talking – many years later and in an extremely delicate and grave moment for the country, given the apocalyptic dimension of the things that occurred and were allowed to follow their course in a manner as natural as possible – and blow up the entire Romanian state with its most important structures and demolishing in the end every trace of confidence that Romanians had in Romanian democracy and in politicians and country presidents?

And the strangest and most inexplicable thing remains the fact that, through a strange coincidence, the statements made by Andronic and more or less backed by president (or not) Basescu’s serene incredulity, by the flatly-melancholic acceptance shown by Mircea Geoana – who is visibly overwhelmed by this truth that included him from the start, but which he preferred to deny or cover up for the same reasons that seem to have also prompted Traian Basescu to accept the presidential office destined for Geoana, not for him – and by voices that jumped to back the hideous truth, voices such as those of journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu or of politician Victor Ponta, come against the backdrop of repeated yet so far failed attempts made by multiple political camps, including the one now in power, to detonate and definitively dismantle vital institutions of the judiciary and of state security, such as the DNA and the SRI.

Apparently, and it seems only apparently, the fierce desire that many resounding names from Romanian politics, the business sector and the press have to protect themselves and make sure they remain free at any price lies at the origin of this deleterious and completely out of control direction that things have taken. Even at the cost that entails the destabilisation of the state and of blowing up Romania along with the Romanians.

Because, after all, the judiciary is not limited to one name or one person alone. Just like the state’s Security system and its security structures are not limited to another person who ended up being, to a certain extent, accomplice and co-conspirator in actions that surpass by far the level of secret conspiracy and are placeable in that area in which any normal person asks themselves whether this whole hallucinatory story has to do with issues that are far more serious than the annihilation of a special interest group from the ruling power circle or the retroactive and useless exposure of horrible electoral fraud.

Florian Coldea recently left the office he held for years within the SRI structures, including in 2009, following a huge scandal whose starting point was the idea of intervention and interference in aspects that concern the security of the state and the judiciary.

Alongside him, Laura Codruta Kovesi, the chief of the DNA, has become another favourite target of this mind-boggling scandal. In 2009, coincidentally or not, Laura Codruta Kovesi was Romania’s Prosecutor General.

And these two names, along with other names from the top of the hierarchy of branches of government, repeatedly, inadmissibly and incredibly appear to be involved in all kinds of scenarios which range from the commonplace influence peddling and the already usual money laundering to the idea of coup d’état.

The name of Dan Andronic himself, the denouncer gripped by a sudden fit of conscience, is present on the DNA’s lists as charged with, among others, perjury and connivance in issues that seem to be significantly linked to what happened in 2009 too and as directly and obviously as possible to the exclusivist and all-powerful core that lies behind the whole mechanism of discretionary and abusive fine-tuning of state power.

At least for the past 3 years, something went irreparably wrong in the mechanism of power. Something that triggered a veritable life-and-death war between politics, the security structures of the state and the judiciary, having as predilect targets persons such as Florian Coldea, Laura Codruta Kovesi, George Maior, Petre Toba or politicians tossed in the lion pit and in the end killed by the very system they created, politicians such as Gabriel Oprea.

The stakes? They seem to surpass by far any imagination or speculation that any of us can anticipate or think of.

If the legitimacy of a president and of democratic elections can be thrown into doubt years later and if one person can blow up, overnight, a country’s entire state identity, throwing us, along with the country, decades back into the abyss of a terrifying history, we can say without any kind of hesitation or doubt that yes, it’s very possible to have one president one evening – a president theoretically elected in a democratic way, through a popular and legitimate vote – and to wake up the next day with a different president leading Romania, not necessarily in a legitimate or democratic way.

Because a few people decided that any notion of democracy does not suit them and is not even applicable to Romanians.

And then, I wonder what is the country we will be waking up in tomorrow and who is in fact leading us?


Coincidentally, following Andronic’s revelations, with extraordinarily well-synchronised timing, the “fugitive” Sebastian Ghita popped up, disappearing three days before Christmas and being apprehended once again three days before Easter.

All of these coincidences lead to a single idea and a single place: the changing of the balance of the power regime that existed so far.

And this is, of all the things that are happening and of all the characters who appear and disappear, the only thing that should garner our attention. Nothing more and nothing less.



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