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UCIN Awards, at the 45th edition. Romanian Filmmakers Union announces nominations for the 21 categories

Reaching its 45th edition, the most important event dedicated to the values of the Romanian cinematography, the Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN) Awards, will be held on Monday, April 24, at the Studio Hall of the Bucharest National Theater. The event is organized by the Romanian Filmmakers Union, produced by Revolver and financed by the Culture Ministry, in partnership with the national Center of Cinematography; it will start at 18.00, when numerous guests, filmmakers, celebrities and important personalities of the Romanian cultural life will shine on the red carpet, stepping into the festive atmosphere. The performances obtained in the Romanian cinematography in the last year will be rewarded starting at 18.40.

There will be two juries at this year’s edition: one jury for nominations, consisting in film critics and historians, members of the Romanian Filmmakers Union, and the jury of the current edition, formed by personalities of the Romanian culture.

After the registrations, which took place from February 9 to 27, the jury, formed by the following film critics and historians: Dana Duma, Cristina Corciovescu, Marilena Iliesiu, Magda Mihailescu and Mihai Fulger, selected the productions, and the UCIN Awards 2017 nominations are as follows:

  1. The Grand Prix and the Filmmakers union Trophy:
  • Sieranevada – directed by Cristi Puiu
  • Ilegitim (Illegitimate – e.n.) – directed by Adrian Sitaru
  • Doua lozuri (Two Lottery Tickets – e.n.) – directed by Paul Negoescu
  1. The Special Jury Prize:
  • Caini (Dogs – e.n.) – directed by Bogdan Mirica
  • Inimi cicatrizate (Scarred Hearts – e.n.) – directed by Radu Jude
  • Orizont (Horizon – e.n.) – directed by Marian Crisan
  1. Best Director:
  • Cristi Puiu for the movie Sieranevada
  • Adrian Sitaru for the movie Ilegitim
  • Marian Crisan for the movie Orizont
  1. Best Screenplay:
  • Cristi Puiu for the movie Sieranevada
  • Bogdan Mirica for the movie Caini (Dogs-e.n.)
  • Paul Negoescu for the movie Doua lozuri
  1. Best Photography:
  • Barbu Balasoiu for the motion picture of the movie Sieranevada
  • Marius Panduru for the motion picture of the movie Inimi cicatrizate
  • Andrei Butica for the motion picture of the movie Caini
  1. Best costume:
  • Dana Paparuz for the costumes of the movie Inimi cicatrizate
  • Malina Ionescu for the costumes of the movie Doua lozuri
  • Maria Pitea for the costumes of the movie Afacerea Est
  1. Best Decor:
  • Cristian Niculescu for the decor of the movie Inimi cicatrizate
  • Augustina Stanciu for the decor of the movie Caini
  • Cristina Barbu for the decor of the movie Sieranevada
  1. Best Actress:
  • Medeea Marinescu for the character Monica in the movie 03.BYPASS
  • Rodica Lazar for the character Andra in the movie Orizont
  • Dana Dogaru for the character Nusa in the movie Sieranevada
  1. “Geo Barton” Award for the Best Actor:
  • Gheorghe Visu for the character Hogas in the movie Caini
  • Mimi Branescu for the character Lary in the movie Sieranevada
  • Andras Hatházi for the character Lucian in the movie Orizont
  1. Best Actress – Supporting Role:
  • Ana Ciontea for the character Ofelia in the movie Sieranevada
  • Catalina Moga for the character Laura in the movie Sieranevada
  • Viorica Geanta Chelbea for the character Matasica in the movie Miracolul din  Tekir (The Miracle of Tekir – e.n.)
  1. Best Actor – Supporting Role:
  • Sorin Medeleni for the character Tony in the movie Sieranevada
  • Vlad Ivanov for the character Samir in the movie Caini
  • Bogdan Zsolt for the character Zoli in the movie Orizont
  1. Best Editing:
  • Letitia Stefanescu, Ciprian Cimpoi, Iulia Muresan for the movie Sieranevada
  • Roxana Szel for the movie Caini
  • Mircea Olteanu,Theo Lichtenberger for the movie Ilegitim
  1. Best Soundtrack:
  • Jean Paul Bernard, Filip Muresan, Cristophe Vingtrinier for the movie Sieranevada
  • Sam Cohen, Sebastiam Zsemlye for the movie Caini
  • Ioan Filip, Dan Stefan Rucareanu for the movie Ilegitim
  1. Best Original Music:
  • Cristian Lolea for the movie Orizont
  • Mircea Florian for the movie 03.BYPASS
  • Flora Pop, Alin Zabrauteanu for the movie Doua lozuri
  1. Best Science-Fiction Short Film:
  • 4:15 P.M. Sfarsitul lumii (4:15 P.M. The End of the World – e.n.), directed by Gabi Virginia Sarga, Catalin Rotaru
  • Proiectionistul, directed by Norbert Fodor
  • Ma cheama Costin (Mw Name is Costin – e.n.), directed by Radu Potcoava
  1. Best Documentary Feature and Short Film:
  • Varza, cartofi si alti demoni (Cabbage, Potatoes and Other Demons – e.n.), directed by Serban Georgescu
  • Doar o rasuflare (Just One Breath – e.n.), directed by Monica Lazurean Gorgan
  • Dan Perjovschi – Drumul, directed by Liviu Varlam
  1. Best Animated Feature:
  • Skateboarding is not a crime, directed by Cristian Radu
  • Mama, tata, vreau sa va spun ceva (Mom, Dad, I Want to Say Something to You – e.n.), directed by Paul Muresan
  1. Best TV movie:
  • Un film mai putin vesel, mai mult trist, poetic si sfatos – directed by Cornel Mihalache
  • Adevaruri despre trecut– Familia Jagolea (Truths About the Past – The Jagolea Family) – directed by Raluca Rogojina
  • Romania din spatele frontului (Romania From Behind the Front – e.n.) – directed by Ruxandra Tuchel
  1. The Opera Prima „Alexandru Tatos” Award for the Best Debut:
  • Bogdan Mirica for the movie Caini
  • Catrinel Danaiata for the movie Dublu (Double – e.n.)
  1. Best Makeup:
  • Bianca Boeroiu for the movie Inimi cicatrizate
  • Gabriela Creţan for the movie Caini
  • Ana Radu and Gina Dan for the movie Doua lozuri
  1. Best Stunt
  • No nominations have been made

Two Academic Prizes will be granted at the 2017 Filmmakers Union Awards: to the film critic and historian Eva Sirbu and to the actor Ilarion Ciobanu (in memoriam), as well as the UCIN Special Prize, granted to the makeup artist Mircea Voda.

The Romanian Filmmakers Association was founded in 1963, at the initiative of legendary filmmakers like Victor Iliu, Ion Popescu Gopo, Mihnea Gheorghiu, Liviu Ciulei, Paul Calinescu and Mircea Dragan.In 1990, the association became the Romanian Filmmakers Union. Since 1972, the Union started to annually grant prizes, through the galas which reward the best film performances of the previous year.


Organizer: Romanian Filmmakers Union

Producer: Revolver

A project financed by the Culture Ministry

Official Partner: National Center of the Cinematography

Media Partners: TVR3, FILM Magazine, Aarc, Agerpes,  Romania Libera, Starfilme.ro, Business Woman, Calendarevenimente.ro, Cinemagia.ro, Shape, Parents, Nine O’Clock, Zile si Nopti, Eva.ro, Garbo.ro, Kudika.ro, 9am.ro and 4arte.ro. 

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