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October 8, 2022

USR challenges AEP’s decision not to reimburse election expenses of RON 640,000, representing donations through Facebook and Google

Save Romania Union (USR) will challenge the decision issued by the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) by which was decided that the amount of RON 640,000 spent by the party in the electoral campaign will not be reimbursed, announced the President of the party, Nicusor Dan. The amount was raised mostly from donations made through the Facebook and Google platforms, but AEP claims that the handwritten signatures are missing.

“USR will challenge the decision of the Permanent Electoral Authority not to reimburse the amount of RON 640,000for the electoral campaign, which mostly represents donations received through the political Financing platform constructed by the G2 Association, and payments to Google and Facebook. AEP’s reason is that these donations don’t have the handwritten signatures of the donors, Google and Facebook! The AEP decision sends us in the last century, in a bygone time when electronic payments were only at the beginning and subject to distrust” Nicusor Dan wrote on Facebook.

He criticizes the AEP decision, explaining that, although the donations are made by individuals, the fact that they were collected through the Google and Facebook platforms made the Permanent Electoral Authority to consider that the real donors are the two big companies.

“The action of this institution – which I appreciated that it has a modernizing role in the electoral process – calls into question, for the future, the possibility of a party to be supported by people, through contributions. And they are not just any people, but the most active segment of the population, those people who don’t have the needed time to fill out a sheaf of papers when they have the global option to donate, for any cause, with a simple click”, Dan added.

The USR leader says that his party will continue to raise money through this kind of instruments, even with the risk of not receiving the money back from the AEP. Nicusor Dan also added that USR will try to amend the electoral law.

“USR will challenge the AEP’s decision, which it appreciates that is illegal. We hope that justice will prevail not for USR, but for the thousands of people who donated in good faith for us, and to whom we thank. We will also make amendments, so that the possibility to make electronic payments will be clarified in the legislation in force on financing the political parties”, he said.

USR President Nicusor Dan stated in February, in a press conference, that the Permanent Electoral Authority had an “abusive” behavior, given that those who donated online to USR and to the party’s candidates in elections were “very clearly” identified through the online donations mechanism.

On February 14, the Permanent Electoral Authority announced, in an answer issued to a request made by News.ro, that the institution has made a decision to reimburse some expenses in the USR case, and a decision of not reimbursing other expenses, as a result of some irregularities discovered, and Nicusor Dan’s party challenged the decision by a complaint.


Ghinea: Nicusor Dan has burned internal communication bridges by attacking on Facebook for nothing. A sad manner to communicate and debate


USR MP Cristian Ghinea criticized the leader of the party, Nicusor Dan, for his attacks on Facebook against some of the party members who contested the manner of organizing the internal elections, saying that it is a “sad manner to communicate and debate” inside the party.

“Nicusor Dan has burned internal communication bridges by attacking on Facebook for nothing. A sad manner to communicate and debate. I have said the truth, and any USR member can see that. The leadership will have to get used to the fact that USR is a different kind of a party”, Ghinea wrote on Facebook.

The former minister made these statements by sharing a post of another party fellow, MP Adrian Prisnel, who, in his turn, criticized the way in which USR leadership prepares the internal elections.

“We don’t have a dialogue, we have a lot of deaf monologues which, accidentally, have a common theme. This is not a debate. It’s a deficit of democracy. As real is the timetable, as perfidious is the mechanism; it is perfidious because it lets you believe that you participate in creating the statute by bringing amendments; yet, since the editorial power is concentrated in the leadership’s hands, the result is predetermined. It is exactly as in the case of the amendments to the state budget, where USR made 125 amendments, but PSD accepted two of them, this is the way we participated in taking the decision” wrote Prisnel on Facebook, in a pot in which he defends the USR MP Tudor Benga, who were attacked by Nicusor Dan.

MP Tudor Benga wrote on Thursday, on Facebook, that there is a risk that the USR members will be divided after the Congress, given that one month before it will be held, the configuration of the future leadership structure and the voting system to be used are unknown. Thus, Benga replies to the USR President Nicusor Dan, who accused him and Cristian Ghinea that they spread false information on USR’s situation, which is a sign that “the coming of the USR Congress slightly begin to drive us crazy”.

USR leader Nicusor Dan stated that the coming of the Congress of the Save Romania Union “slightly begins to drive the members crazy”, the internal campaign being legitimate, but “it’s not ok when t relies on false information revealed to the public”. The MP referred to the statements made by Tudor Benga and Cristian Ghinea, which he labels as “untrue”, given that there was a debate on the party’s future.


Nicusor Dan: There is an institutionalized communication inside USR; all the 1,500 members can participate in it


USR President, Nicusor Dan, answered on Tuesday, at the parliament, to the accusations coming from his colleagues, according to whom he makes “a dialogue of the deaf”, stating that there is an institutionalized communication inside the party, so that all the 1,500 members can participate in it.

“It’s a timetable that I established together with the presidents of the county branches, it was set on February 11, I am referring to the statute. We appointed a committee to centralize all the proposals, the committee was announced in March. Also then, we announced the coordinators of the regions who will take all the proposals for the statute. A centralization has been made until April 13, and we will debate the statute on April 22, together with all the parliamentarians, with all the presidents of the county branches, ‘cause I see that’s the problem. The issues on which we have a consensus will be included in the statute that we will bring to the Congress; where there are differences, we identify them and the Congress will vote the best option. There is debate with an agenda that has already started since two months ago” Nicusor Dan stated, being asked if there is any debate inside the party.

When the journalists replied that there are colleagues inside USR accusing that they don’t know what a Vice President should do, the MP stated that this issue will be clarified by the new statute of the party.

“What an USR Vice President will do, will be set by the new statute that will be voted in the Congress. Until then, it’s normal not to know which one of the versions of the statute will be available” added the USR President.

Also asked if he makes “a dialogue of the deaf”, Nicusor Dan answered: “I believe there is an institutionalized communication, so that all the 1,500 members can participate in it”.


USR’s Ghinea: Ciolos should be the first acquisition after the Congress, with the role of the President of the USR Government


USR MP Cristian Ghinea stated on Tuesday that Dacian Ciolos should be “the first important acquisition” of the party after the Congress, and he should be the President of the USR Government.

“Dacian Ciolos will have the project called Romania 100, a project that is not political at this time, and which waits things to be clarified inside USR. I and others said that we wish to make a large, open USR, in which several leaders should be, including Dacian Ciolos, who should be the first important acquisition that this party has to make. This will definitely not happen until the Congress, and Dacian Ciolos is not the person who gets down suddenly from the train at the railway station, to candidate, and USR is not the kind of a party producing such surprises. Therefore, nothing will happen with Dacian Ciolos in USR until the Congress” Ghinea stated at the Parliament.

He said that Dacian Ciolos should have the role of the President of the USR Government.

“Dacian Ciolos is a personality and a role must be outlined for him, I believe he should have the role of the President of the USR Government, because I supported him as a Prime-Minister and that’s what he knows to do, and I don’t see why he wouldn’t prepare the party from now to 2020 to take the power. That’s what we should aim, to take the power, and Dacian Ciolos is the best coach for this position” Cristian Ghinea also added.





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