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June 30, 2022

Dragnea:No delay with Uniform Pay bill, we’ll table it on Monday

Social Democratic Party (PSD) chairman stated on Thursday that there has been no delay with the Uniform Pay bill, which will be tabled in Parliament on Monday. The PSD leader added that the current form of the legislative act may undergo only slight modifications.

Asked how long will the tabling of the Uniform pay  bill be deferred, the Lower Chamber Speaker said: “But it’s not running behind schedule.”

“We have agreed to lodge the standard salary scales bill on Monday. I’m assuming Friday is not that hectic here in Parliament. The time that has lapsed was good. Very many people have started to understand what is in the bill and, what has interested me and us – the bill reaching Parliament after the largest part of society has understood what is in it – came to pass,” Dragnea said a Parliament House.

He went on to say that the initial bill may undergo some changes.

He said he will be on television Thursday evening and the days after in an attempt to better explain aspects of the bill. He would do the same with the bill on household taxation.

“There are a series of tax deductions for Romanians in our governing programme. For them to benefit from such deductions, Romanians will need to fill in some forms, which they will have tax advisers do, to assess their aggregate income allowing for deductions. This is something that will be given to them instead of taken from them. We will explain very clearly that there are no additional rates or taxes. On the contrary, Romanians will pay less,” Dragnea concluded.

Likewise, asked whether the bill will be tabled in the form it currently has on the PSD’s website, the Lower Chamber Speaker said that if the bill undergoes changes then these changes will be “very small.”

Asked about the Social Democrats’ dissatisfaction with the freezing of special pensions, Dragnea said that a distinction should be made between the categories that benefit from such pensions.

“I respect their opinions, it’s just that a distinction must be made between the categories that benefit from such pensions. For instance, judges cannot be included under special pensions. A confusion is being made here,” Liviu Dragnea concluded.




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