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August 15, 2022

Grindeanu: We’ll send to Parliament bill amending Criminal Codes after public consultations end

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu stated on Thursday that the bill amending the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code will be sent to Parliament only after public consultations end.

“We’re committed to a transparent process through which we would consult all institutions and not only them. That bill setting the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code in line with Constitutional Court decisions is on the Justice Ministry’s website. This bill is undergoing a process of public consultations. We will send this bill to Parliament the moment public consultations end,” Premier Sorin Grindeanu stated when asked for his opinion on PSD President Liviu Dragnea’s statements about the delay registered in drafting the legislative acts amending the Criminal Code.

“The moment public consultations end, we, the Government, will assume it as a bill and will send it to Parliament,” the Prime Minister concluded.


Toader: We must and are obligated to conduct a rigorous assessment of the judiciary laws


Justice Minister Tudorel Toader (photo) said that a rigorous assessment of the bill amending the Criminal Codes is mandatory before it enters the legislative process in Parliament. His statements come after PSD President Liviu Dragnea said on Thursday that he will ask to meet the Justice Minister because he is “impermissibly” deferring the bill amending the Criminal Codes.

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader pointed out that a thorough assessment of the bill amending the Criminal Codes is called for.

“There are three main laws on the way the judiciary is organised and functions, all dating from 2004. If we want to do an incomplete job that would supplement things here and there, we could send them tomorrow. If we want to carry out a thorough, rigorous job that addresses both the substance and the form, to conduct a complete assessment of the laws that have been enforced for 13 years in Romania, that for 13 years have shown their good aspects and bad aspects, then we must carry out an assessment from the first to the last chapter, consult all institutions taking part in the act of justice, place it under decisional transparency, have the Government endorsing it and sending it to Parliament as a bill. So only then can we have a clear conscience that we’ve carried out an overture that would be necessary for the judiciary and only then can we hope that the amendments brought to the package of judiciary laws will really improve the activity of the judiciary,” Toader said at the Victoria Palace.

The Justice Minister added that all four Codes – the Criminal, Civil, Criminal Procedure and Civil Procedure Codes – will be rigorously assessed.

“Apart from the package of laws that concern the judiciary, we’ll carry out an assessment of the four Codes, in an initial stage. Four Codes that were adopted after the Government took responsibility for them, that were not put up for the legislator’s debate, four Codes that have shown their incongruities with the fundamental law during the time they were implemented, incongruities between provisions, regulatory omissions, incongruities with European norms. Consequently, it’s not that I personally want to but that we must and are obligated to carry out a rigorous assessment, an appraisal of constitutional exigencies, of European exigencies, to consult all authorities, to have decisional transparency in the hope of a legislative act that would improve the activity of the judiciary,” Tudorel Toader added.


Dragnea: Tudorel Toader impermissibly defers bill modifying the Criminal Codes; you can’t enjoy endless support


PSD President Liviu Dragnea also stated that he will request a meeting with Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, because the latter is “impermissibly” deferring the bill modifying the Criminal Codes and he cannot enjoy “endless” support.

“It seems the minister has been running very late, I’ll talk to my colleagues, I’ve already told them yesterday that any further deferment is impossible. He said he’ll come up with a package of proposals in three weeks’ time; he hasn’t. Eventually, the pardon bill will be tacitly adopted because the Justice Ministry is not coming,” Liviu Dragnea stated.

When journalists told him that the Justice Ministry is announcing public debates on the bill modifying the Criminal Codes, the PSD leader said he will ask to meet the Justice Minister.

“I will ask to meet the Justice Minister, after the Prime Minister approves it, to explain to him that nevertheless Parliament is not the Government’s appendage. I’ll dare do this, he is impermissibly deferring,” the Lower Chamber Speaker added.

He also stated that Tudorel Toader “is taking a very long time” talking about a topic that no longer starts.

“He is taking a very long time talking about a topic that no longer starts and I believe we should seriously take care of all things that are publicly stated and finalised one way or another,” the PSD President emphasised.

Likewise, asked whether Tudorel Toader still enjoys support, Liviu Dragnea answered: “He benefits from any support provided there is some coherence and a somewhat realistic deadline. You can’t enjoy endless support.”


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