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January 23, 2022

PM Grindeanu: Debate in Parliament will give necessary thrust to uniform pay draft law

The uniform pay draft law will enter Parliament, in the coming period, PM Sorin Grindeanu said on Friday, pointing out that the debate in the Legislature will give the normative act the necessary thrust.

“In the coming period, this draft will enter Parliament. It is very well that it is discussed in Parliament, it is very well that we’ll have, I hope, constructive amendments from the people of good faith, which we can takeover within the law. We are open to this. (…) It is the most fair manner,” Grindeanu said in a working meeting with the local authorities of the Braila County Council.

According to the PM, Parliament is “the one supposed to make laws.”

“We, those in the Government, won’t come to make laws for Parliament. (…) The debate in Parliament is the most suited for this law and (…) gives the necessary thrust, (…) having behind the entire coalition and not only, for this extremely important draft to have an as broad as possible legitimacy, as all parliament members are initiators, beyond those of the coalition and other wishing to endorse this law,” Grindeanu said.


 Bills  on strategic projects, Sovereign Investment Fund to be put up for public debate, rapidly sent to Parliament


The draft law on the Sovereign Investment Fund (FSI) and the one referring to the strategic projects will be put up for public debate and then rapidly sent to Parliament for adoption, said Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on Friday while on a visit to southeastern Braila.

According to the head of the Gov’t, the piece of legislation on the strategic projects was already discussed at the Economy Ministry.

“There will be (…) a week or two of talks with specialists, (…) so that the Law on establishing the FSI and the annexes be quickly sent to Parliament. The process for Romania’s reindustrialisation is one of our priorities,” said PM Grindeanu.


“Prefects to be public servants in rank of state secretaries; we should get rid of hypocrisy”


Prefects will be public servants in rank of state secretaries, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said Friday, adding that this is one of the amendments to the Administration Code.

“We will come up with the Administration Code, which is important to the locally elected officials and also to all that means public administration (…) We have prefects who are highly-ranking public servants (…) We have a hard time replacing them because they are highly-ranking public servants, etc. That is hypocrisy. Every time a government has changed, prefects, their deputies and others followed suit. We have been lying to ourselves for 13-14 years, irrespective of who was in charge. (…) The prefects are the local representatives of the Government (…) The perfects will be public service offices in rank of state secretaries, so that the changes may be as normal as possible,” Grindeanu told a working meeting at the Braila County Council with local administration officials.

He went on to say that a solution has to be found for heads of autonomous public services as well.

“Even the heads of autonomous public services are representatives of ministries and they have to implement the government programme in the counties, the programme that has been voted on by the people (…) We have to find a solution here as well as soon as possible so that we may walk the same line. There is no use deluding ourselves,” said Grindeanu.

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