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April 12, 2021

Praktiker Romania announces financial results for 2016: Sales have increased by more than 3%

For 2016, Praktiker Romania announces an increase in sales of more than 3% over 2015. The positive financial results come in the context of a 4.8% decrease in the construction market over the same period.

“For Praktiker Romania, 2016 was a favorable year of financial consolidation, both due to the sales growth and the maintenance of the operating results at a similar level to that of 2015, despite the increase of the rent levels. In addition, in 2016, we also took decision to increase the salaries and benefits of our employees. Not only to align ourselves to the market trend, but also to keep them close to the company, because they represent a valuable resource for us. We have maintained our increase and the upward trend since the 2014 takeover, and we want the growth to also continue this year, all the more so as there are prerequisites for a return to profit”, said Omer Susli, owner of Praktiker Romania.

Praktiker Romania’s business amounted last year to 137 million euros, at a similar level in 2015.


Shops modernization and the investment in online – part of the company’s growth strategy


A remarkable contribution to the business development for 2017 will have the stores’ remodeling strategy. Praktiker invests approximately 600,000 euros for each unit. Thus, by the end of this year, the company’s representatives want to reach 20 modernized and re-opened Praktiker stores, out of the 27 that already exist nationally.

At present, Praktiker has 1,700 employees in the 23 cities where there are sales units and an offer of 400 available jobs.

In addition, another major growth factor is the online store, which is approaching the level of sales of an offline Praktiker store, and the sales continue to grow. The online offer includes over 20,000 deliverable products nationwide. In addition, in the second half of the year,  the Click and Collect option will be developed for the customers who want to save time in the store: they will pay online and will pick up the prepared products directly from the store. The company is constantly creating new attributes and functionalities to support the customers who prefer this way of acquisition: from new courier methods, to new payment methods. Currently, the orders made in the online store are shipped from one store to the entire country, and soon, the delivery process will be extended to three stores.


About Praktiker Romania


In Romania, Praktiker is the most famous brand in the DIY market, with a level of notoriety of over 98%. Currently, the company has 27 stores in 23 cities across the country. Praktiker Romania offers over 40,000 products, including: interior and exterior decorations, gardening products and fittings, sanitary products, furniture, electronics and home appliances. In addition, the online store www.praktiker.ro offers the customers across the country a variety of over 20,000 products.

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