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September 17, 2021

The second edition of the event called “Piazzola, an Authentic Story” has two stops in Prahova, too

Astor Piazzola’s tangos will be heard also in Prahova, at the end of this week. The event is possible thanks to the ArgEnTango band and to the singer Analia Selis, within the second edition of the vent called “Piazzola, an Authentic Story”.

“Paul Constantinescu” Philharmonic of Ploiesti continues the series of events deemed to be outstanding, offered as a gift to the classical music lovers and not only. Thus, on April 23, 2017, right on the day in which one of the spring celebrations is marked in the Orthodox calendar – Saint George – several famous musicians will come on the stage. We’re talking about singer Analia Selis and the ArgEnTango band which is in a tour within the second edition of the event “Piazzola, an Authentic Story”. Ploiesti is the second stop of the artists in Prahova; the first one will be on April 22, at the Peles Castle in Sinaia.

The tour “Piazzola, an Authentic Story” relies on a powerful team of three artists, formed by Analia Selis (vocals), Mariano Castro (piano) and Omar Massa (bandoneon), to whom two valuable Romanian musicians are added – Razvan Suma (cello) and Rafael Butaru (violin). Cellist Razvan Suma is the promoter of this project, its first edition being held last year; the music composed by Astor Piazzola – the one who brought classic tango in our days, made him create ArgEnTango band, consisting in Romanian and Argentinian musicians.

Thus, the love stories or the day-to-day life stories of the 50s’ Buenos Aires, composed on the tango Nuevo rhythm, were interpreted by the singer Analia Selis in a new style, which she said she learned from Amelita Baltar, Astor Piazzola’s lover and favorite singer. For Analia Selis, this project was a real challenge, given that, as she confessed, there aren’t many singers playing Piazzola’s songs. Musical arrangements were made by the Argentinian pianist Mariano Castro, who said that he tried to play Piazzola’s music in a more authentic way for the Romanian audience, considering that Piazzola is for Argentinians like George Enescu is for Romanians.

As to Piazzola’s story, here’s a brief: he intended to dedicate himself to the classical music making a journey in France, through a scholarship of the Paris Conservatory. But the famous musicologist and pedagogue Nadia Boulanger convinced him to develop his musical abilities starting from his true artistic vocation – the bandoneon, and implicitly the tango music, and to return in Argentina.

In the 50-60s, traditional tango musicians considered him “the tango killer”, appreciating his songs as a blasphemy for tango. His compositions weren’t broadcasted to the Argentinian radio channels and no record label wanted to edit them, because he was deemed as a disrespectful “snob” who was writing a strange music, full of weird and dissonant harmonies. But Piazzola revolutionized the tango music, creating what was called “Tango Nuevo”, a replica of the traditional Argentinian tango. The benefit brought by Piazzola to the tango is huge, especially by bringing it to a very high academic level, and implicitly on the most important stages of the world, which was unimaginable before him.

Thus, through the event “Piazzola, an Authentic Story”, the ArgEnTango ensemble aims to present to the audience, including the audience in Prahova, a side of Piazzola which is unknown in Romania. Many of the most known vocal and instrumental songs are supported by the great poets J. L. Borges and Horacio Ferrer. The arrangements and the transcription made by Mariano Castro for this ensemble are designed around the instrument which Piazzola made so well-known: the bandoneon, Omar Massa being one of the most appreciated young representatives of it.

We mention that Omar Massa is an “Ambassador of Piazzola’s music” on the great stages of the world. Along with artists like Placido Domingo, Omar Massa is permanently present on the great stages of America, Europe and Asia, being frequently invited to perform masterclasses worldwide; he specially came in Romania for the ArgEnTango project.

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