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August 4, 2021

PG Lazar: Romanian judiciary, among Europe’s top modern

Romania’s Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar said on Saturday in Alba Iulia that one can say without hesitation that Romania’s judiciary is among the top modern in Europe, as also recently confirmed by European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans during his meeting in Bucharest with representatives of the Romanian justice institutions.

“It’s been a moment of satisfaction for the officials of the respective institutions to hear [Mr. Timmermans’s] remark that the Romanian judiciary can be considered as a European model and that the Romanians can be proud that this legal system is working,” Lazar on Saturday told a conference organized in Alba Iulia on the subject of the criminal codes.

The Prosecutor General underscored that Romania’s legal framework is updated to the top exigencies of European standards.

“Despite incoming criticism, despite the issues related to ensuring its correlation with the Constitution and all the other regulatory acts, we can say without hesitation and without reservation that our legal system is among the top modern in Europe. And as for the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code – they proved to be highly effective in the activity of the judiciary bodies and particularly in the fight against corruption, where Romania is indeed a European leader not only because it has specialized prosecutors and specialized structures, but also because it has the necessary legal instruments as per the highest European level. Therefore the First Vice-President of the European Commission was right to remark that the Romanian legal system can be a model across the states of the European Union,” said Romania’s Prosecutor General.

First Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans, attending on Thursday in Bucharest a Citizens’ Dialogue event, said that the Romanian judiciary has become a model to other EU states and this is a reason of pride for the Romanian citizens.

Augustin Lazar attended on Saturday in Alba Iulia the conference titled “New codes – between tradition and modernism, on the ground of fundamental principles – controversy in practical applications,” organized by the Alba and Hunedoara Bars, the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal and the Prosecution Office attached to the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal. On this occasion, Lazar also launched his monograph “Conflict of interests.”

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