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December 10, 2022

JusMin: Gov’t assuming responsibility on the four Codes was a profound mistake

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader stated on Monday that many of the constitutionality flaws of the Civil and Penal Codes stem from the fact that they were passed by the Government in 2009 by assuming responsibility on them, with there being not enough “reflection time” needed to debate them.

“Why did I say I appreciate reflection time? If we look back, in 2009, I was one of those who were criticising the adoption of the four Codes that are fundamental for the rule of law, (…) fundamental for the evolution of Romanian society, four fundamental Codes that (…) profoundly affect, in their enforcement, fundamental rights, Codes adopted by having the Government assume responsibility on them. We all know, the bills were filed in a Wednesday afternoon and they were promulgated on Thursday or Friday. Who could have debated the amendments filed? Who could have read the law, could have evoked the unconstitutionality flaws, given such a high volume of works, of laws, an issue as complex as this,” the minister stated on Monday before the members of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.

In Tudorel Toader’s opinion, the Government adopting the Codes by assuming responsibility on them was a “profound” mistake that had negative effects on society.

“That’s where the cause must be sought, that’s where the profound mistake was, accepting the Government assuming responsibility on the four pillars of the Romanian legislative system, which is now proven to have negatively influenced the evolution of society on one hand and to have profoundly affected people’s rights and liberties on the other hand,” the Justice Minister explained.



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