PM Grindeanu: Vaccination becomes an emergency; I am highly determined to solve the issue

Vaccination is becoming an urgent affair, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said Monday, adding that he is highly determined to make sure the problem will be solved with vaccine makers.

He is said in a governmental press statement on Monday to have suggested the big vaccine makers operating in Romania some guidelines that will make sure vaccine supply predictability is secured and potential future crises are prevented.

Grindeanu met Health Minister Florian Bodog as well executives of Pfizer, MSD Romania, GSK Romania and Sanofi at the Romanian Government House as part of the European Immunization Week 2017.

“I believe vaccination is indeed becoming an emergency. I am highly determined to make sure we solve the issue together. I am expecting the Health Ministry and you, the big vaccine makers, to come up with very clear and predictable solutions so as to avoid having problems in the years to come,” Grindeanu is quoted as saying in the statement.

The measures put forth by Grindeanu are said to be aimed at establishing an efficient vaccine management system; amending legislation concerning the public procurement of vaccines so as to make the entire process transparent and predictable; devising a multiannual plan comprising Romania’s needs for vaccines; establishing a national vaccine pool for special circumstances.

The statement also says that execs voiced readiness to work with the Romanian Government on finalising a mechanism that will provide predictability, flexibility and continuity for the supply of vaccines, praising the government for its openness to dialogue on this issue. They also underscored the importance of cooperation for planning to provide in due course the required vaccine doses.

Bodog is quoted as saying in his turn that a vaccination bill is still up for public consultation open to all proposals so that a legal framework may be designed that will secure a smooth system of vaccine supply as well as the correct public information over the importance of prevention.

The meeting with vaccine makers will be resumed in the same format in about two weeks’ time to unveil the first conclusions and actual solutions. At the same time, Grindeanu will meet doctor associations, hospital managers, NGO leaders and other representatives of the Romanian healthcare system, the statement reads.

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