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September 25, 2021

Raluca Turcan: In some cases, PNL would have been no better than current Gov’t

In some cases, the National Liberal Party would have been “no better” as a ruling party than those who are currently forming the Government, PNL Interim President Raluca Turcan stated on Sunday in Cluj.

“The internal elections of June 17 are a great challenge for PNL. As representatives of a flagship party branch, you have the obligation to give the signal of a rational, wise and doable decision for the future of PNL. (…) Unfortunately, at national level, even though we had very good results in some places, PNL was a mess. (…) After this mess in the parliamentary elections, we risk failing to understand what we did wrong and repeating the errors in some places. (…) Dear colleagues, carry out a little exercise and think: if we were to form the Government, with this party that is shaking at all joints, do you honestly believe PNL would have been better as a ruling party than those who are ruling now? I’m afraid it would have been no better, in some places. Because in the past we lacked firmness, consistency, an equally-assumed direction. (…) In the past, we had a bitter lack of dialogue among ourselves, a fracture between the centre and the party’s grassroots, a fracture between PNL and those outside, a fracture within, between the leaderships of county branches and the rank and file,” Raluca Turcan said before the members of PNL Cluj.

According to her, there are two paths for PNL’s future – a “rigged game” with PSD or the joining of forces.

“There are two paths. One in which you fall prey to your illusions, in which some are pure-blooded but willing at any moment to form pacts or rig the game with PSD, to an extent that the Bratianu family are rolling in their graves. (…) At the same time, you have an alternative within PNL, and the alternative is to unite all the forces of the good members of PNL, to be united, oriented toward what the people, those outside, are waiting from us, and less toward the offices we hold. To prove daily that PNL can be an alternative to PSD. I believe this is the solution,” she pointed out, adding that PNL must recuperate the urban voters who have turned “toward other currents, toward USR and some other madness.”


Catalin Predoiu: PNL leaders should declare the businesses they have with PSD


PNL First Vice President Catalin Predoiu asked the Liberal leaders on Sunday, at PNL Cluj’s Coordination Council, to declare the businesses they have with the Social Democrats.

“Internal duplicity is seen from the outside too, we are reproached for the inconsistency of the message. We are right-wing, then centre, then left-wing. Something still needs to be done in the future, we need to be more uncomfortable for PSD, because people from outside the party still suspect we are somewhat mellow toward them. I’d ask all leaders to declare their businesses with the PSD, which are they and who has any. It would be interesting. It’s normal to see why so few leaders are standing up against PSD. There are party leaders who have forgotten about PSD, and I’m not talking about the central [leadership] alone. It’s normal to win the citizens’ confidence by showing that we have no kind of conflict of interest when it comes to PSD. Then people will understand we can fight them and they can entrust PNL with their political destiny,” Catalin Predoiu said.

He claimed PNL must rid itself of “match fixing cooperatives.”

“I want us to look ahead and see what must be done. In my opinion, one of the main things that must be done within PNL is getting rid of match fixing cooperatives. (…) I believe that the time of match fixing cooperatives is over, has ended. It’s the time of free people. (…) There is force and expertise within the PNL, we just need to shake off the shortcomings. And this is primarily your role; you must demand more from your leaders, you must demand they set their actions in line with their words and they say the same thing in different places,” the Liberal leader added.


Predoiu about his withdrawal from the race for the PNL leadership: Ignore friendly intoxications


PNL First Vice President Catalin Predoiu stated on Friday evening on Facebook that he will not withdraw from the race for the PNL presidency, asking those who support him to ignore “friendly” intoxications.

“Nessage to my supporters and friends: please ignore the ‘friendly’ intoxications! The more they lie about my withdrawal from the race, the harder is my determination to run and to win this competition!” Catalin Predoiu stated on Facebook.

The Liberal also sent a message to his “friends” and told them not to spend “their resources on fantasies and dreams”.

The representatives of the PNL branches in Transylvania met on Friday at Cluj-Napoca with former and current Liberal leaders; the meeting ended “indecisively” regarding the support for the candidate running for the PNL President, stated local Liberal sources for MEDIAFAX.

Out of the possible candidates running for the PNL presidency, which will be decided at the Congress in June, the First Vice President of the party, who is also the Vice President of the Deputies’ Chamber, Catalin Predoiu, said that he maintains his decision to run, while Ilie Bolojan, the Oradea Mayor, postponed his decision after May 3, according to the quoted sources.

The current PNL Interim President, Raluca Turcan, didn’t announce any decision, but the probability to apply for a candidacy is not excluded, according to the quoted sources. At the same time, the former PNL President, Senator Alina Gorghiu, said she will not enter the competition for the PNL presidency.

The former PN Co-President Vasile Blaga, the Arad Mayor, Gheorghe Falca and MEP Daniel Buda, were among the participants to the meeting.

Until today, those who officially announced that will run for the PNL presidency at the Congress in June 17, are the Vice President of the Deputies’ Chamber, Catalin Predoiu, and the former Minister Ludovic Orban.


Ludovic Orban: Woe to the mule that sees not her master


Being present in Sinaia, at the meeting for the election of the new PNL Olt leadership, Ludovic Orban, who announced his candidacy for the party presidency at the central level, asked his colleagues in Olt to carefully weigh who they will vote in the elections for the party leader at the national level.

“Today, the National Liberal Party is in the hand of its rightful owners, party members. You have the party’s destiny in your hand. You have the power. You decide. (…) Don’t forget that on June 17, you must decide who will lead the party at national level. Unfortunately, from the experience of the last two years, I was told in my mind almost every day that say, woe to the mule that sees not her master” Orban stated.

MEP Cristian Busoi also criticized the way in which the party was led in the recent period.

“Until today, internal debates that were held showed no solution for the future. Often, much is spoken and little is said. We leave the impression to people that PNL hasn’t found yet a direction and it still drifts. It’s not a reproach that I am necessarily making to my colleagues. Of course I have my own responsibility on this. (…) Today, National Liberal Party looks like the Sleeping Beauty, who must wake up, but she has to wake up by her own, because no Prince Charming on a white horse will not come to wake her up” Cristian Busoi stated.

Busoi mentioned that Liberals must become “pragmatic” and work to recover the lost voters “who voted Klaus Iohannis in the first round, who even voted in the local elections, but who left us in the parliamentary elections”.


Elections in some of the PNL local branches


 MEP Daniel Buda, re-elected PNL Cluj President


MEP Daniel Buda was re-elected PNL Cluj President on Sunday.

Buda was the only candidate and received 389 votes in favour and 11 against.

Senator Marius Nicoara and Huedin Mayor Mircea Morosan were elected First Vice Presidents.

Over 400 delegates attended PNL Cluj’s Coordination Council, including PNL Interim President Raluca Turcan, PNL Secretary General Cristian Busoi, the candidates for the office of PNL President – Ludovic Orban and Catalin Predoiu -, Cluj Mayor Emil Boc and Cluj County Council Chairman Alin Tise.


 Mircea Hava, reelected as the President of PNL Alba: If the party will not know what to say, it will have a bleeding


The Alba Iulia Mayor, Mircea Hava, was reelected on Saturday as the President of PNL Alba Vice. He stated in front of the delegates that many people in the PNL leadership “were erased by the voters”, but they still cling to their positions. “If the party will not know what to say, it will have a big bleeding”, Hava said.

Hava was reelected with 490 votes, while his counter-candidate, Rares Buglea, got 101 votes, and seven votes were void, the MEDIAFAX correspondent reports.

Before Hava, the Aiud mayor, Oana Badea, spoke to the delegates, saying that the leadership from Bucharest must not be formed by “people who cannot win at least once in the local elections”.

“Those people must stay home and learn. Our national structure from Bucharest must include people who have been voted by our peers. If you rely on tens of thousands votes, you can stay there, but if you don’t, go home”, Oana Badea stated.

Being the Alba Iulia Mayor since more than 20 years, Mircea Hava agreed with Oana Badea, considering that PNL leadership must be represented by people who were voted in the elections.

“Oana is right and I am glad she spoke to you. This is our big problem there, people who have been voted by you should be there, they should have strength, or that cooperative that works very well, managed by our Interim President, will reelect between themselves. These people don’t have anything to do with the party, with you, they only have to do with themselves, any of them hasn’t won in the elections. They are people who run in the county X or Y, they moved from one place to other, others moved in Diaspora, thinking that they will win. Many of them were erased by the voters, since they didn’t know them. Now they are trying to cling on their positions. This cannot happen. You are too many people in Alba and in the whole country, who did something” Mircea Hava said.

He criticized Liberals’ behavior before the local elections, considering that they were “deprived of a management”.

“If we, the party, I am not referring to Alba now, God help us to be everywhere as here, it would be great. And this is thanks to the people. If the party, at central level, will not speak, if it will not know what to say, I guarantee you we will have a big bleeding. We must take care not to have this bleeding. How… I can’t use such a term, because we are filmed. How deprived of, of… management can you be, so at the time of elections, when you should convince Eskimos to by refrigerators, this is the politics for those who want to do something, you sue a law, regardless if it’s good or bad, I say it’s a good one, because it referred to the teachers and medical staff. When it increases those people’s salaries by 15%, instead of being capable to say why 15? 20! No, you are silent! (…) You must say and argue. From where do they have the money? This is the biggest lie they tell us all the time. Inflation will increase, anything will increase. Nothing will increase, believe me, inflation increases, but it stabilizes, and this is what people who did something are saying” Mircea Hava also added.


Nicolae Robu, reelected as the President of PNL Timis, after a meeting in which he was criticized by his colleagues


Nicolae Robu, the Timisoara Mayor, who resigned as the President of PNL Timis because of the results obtained in the parliamentary elections, was reelected on Saturday, to be the President of the local branch of the Liberals.

Robu was reelected as the President of PNL Timis at the meeting of the County Coordination Committee. The PNL Secretary General Cristian Busoi and the Timis Senator Alina Gorghiu attended the event.

“I do everything with passion and I am always nervous. Thank you so much to all those who have been with me and voted for me. The joy is shaded by what happened until today, since almost one year ago, a small but existing number of colleagues made me troubles week by week. It is shaded by what happened until the last moment, sending poison messages, pulling time at the meeting, maybe people will leave. I hope all these colleagues who dishonored themselves and the party will prove us that they can be different. If they will prove it to us, they will find my whole opening to make a team. I am alien to the idea of grudges and I have proven it all my life. I am the man who accepts all the criticisms. Criticism is very good, but all of us have to have a conduct that honors ourselves and our party, not a conduct that discredits us” Nicolae Robu stated after the votes were counted, according to Mediafax.

Out of the 434 delegates, 406 delegates were present at the meeting that decided the leadership of PNL Timis. Nicolae Robu obtained 255 votes, while his counter-candidate, Alin Nica, the Mayor of the Dudestii Noi commune, obtained 142 votes. Nine votes were void.

During the meeting, the Timisoara Mayor, Nicolae Robu, who resigned as the Interim President of PNL Timis after the poor results obtained in the parliamentary elections, was criticized by some of the Liberals.

“We lost in the last two rounds of elections. Somebody said that Timis has a nice result, seen from Bucharest. But I tell you that the results were really bad, compared to the potential of this county. It doesn’t seem fair to me not to have the courage and the boldness to admit that mistakes were made. There are tensions which started when, in the parliamentary elections, 30 parliamentarians asked to assign a candidate, but we couldn’t, so we were given a candidate who joined the party few days before the elections (MP Pavel Popescu – e.n.). I don’t know how we will overcome these tensions” stated Danut Groza, the Mayor of Sannicolau Mare.

Besides, Danut Groza was the one who harshly criticized Nicolae Robu during the meeting of the County Permanent Bureau organized after the parliamentary elections of 2016, when Robu resigned as the President of the county branch.

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