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September 26, 2021

Forensic specialists: Children caught by the avalanche in Retezat died almost immediately, due to the cranio-cerebral traumas

*Head of Mountain Rescue: We suppose that the avalanche was caused by the seven climbers, but it also could occur by itself


The two children caught by the avalanche occurred on Saturday afternoon in the Retezat Mountains died from numerous cranio-cerebral traumas, and the death occurred almost immediately, according to the forensic specialists. The head of the Hunedoara Mountain Rescue, Ovidiu Bodean, stated for News.ro that the avalanche was supposed to be caused by the group of the seven climbers who didn’t follow the peak route, but it could have been triggered also by itself, since the snow was unstable. Bodean also says that the two dead children didn’t have helmets when they were found, but they could have been lost when the snow went down on the slope.

The representatives of the Forensic Department who performed the autopsy of the two children caught by the avalanche say that they died shortly after it occurred, due to the cranio-cerebral multiple traumas that were “extremely serious and incompatible with life”.

They decided that they cannot issue any statement regarding the existence of the protective equipment at the time of the catastrophe.

On Sunday evening, mountain gendarmes and rescuers succeeded to lower the bodies of the two children who died in the avalanche of the Retezat Mountains, after an operation that was performed in extremely difficult conditions due to the rugged mountain trail, covered by an important layer of fresh snow, as well as the unfavorable weather, the two dead bodies being taken by the representatives of the Forensic Department.

According to a press release issued on Sunday evening by the gendarmes from Hunedoara County, they arrived in Carnic with the dead bodies of the teenagers who died on the mountain, being helped by the mountain rescuers involved in the recovery of the bodies of the two climbing children who lost their lives in the avalanche of the Retezat Mountains – Dor Geta Popescu and Erik Gulacsi.

18 mountain gendarmes and 36 mountain rescuers participated in the operations conducted in the Retezat Massif in order to rescue the victims of the avalanche and to recover the bodies of the two dead persons.

The avalanche occurred on Saturday afternoon in the Retezat Mountains caught seven people, five of them being injured. Dor Geta Popescu and Erik Gulacsi, the two renowned climbing teenagers who had numerous world and European records, lost their lives in the avalanche.

The father of the climber Dor Geta Popescu, Ovidiu Popescu, who was with his daughter on the mountain when the avalanche occurred in the Retezat Mountains, is hospitalized at the Hunedoara Municipal Hospital with multiple traumas, being the only person who remained in the hospital, out of the five persons who survived after the massive snowfall.

Hunedoara police officers opened a file for manslaughter in the case of the mountain accident happened on Saturday afternoon, when the two climbing children lost their lives. Until Sunday morning, the police officers heard three people who were on the mountain when the avalanche occurred, taken into account the version that it could be caused by somebody.


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