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January 21, 2021

“Ciocnirea” / “Clash”, a thrilling movie about the Arab Spring, is the big winner of the competition Cinepolitica 2017

Reaching at its sixth edition, the Cinepolitica International Film Festival decided its winners on Sunday, April 23: the movie “Ciocnirea” / “Clash”, directed by Mohamed Diab, is the big winner of the Cinepolitica International Film Festival, while the documentary “Razboiul Regelui” / “The King Who Tricked Hitler”, directed by Trevor Poots, was granted a Special Mention.

In a quite turbulent year for Europe, Cinepolitica 2017, the only political film festival in Romania, gathered 14 movies in the agenda, about 2,500 spectators at the screenings performed at Cinema Elvire Popesco and Balassi Institute, and four sold-out screenings.

“Ciocnirea” / “Clash”,directed by Mohamed Diab, the winner of the Cinepolitica Trophy and of the prize amounting EUR 2,500 granted by the Romanian Cultural Institute, is a cinematographic experiment based on an overwhelming psychological pressure, centered on a prisoner transport car in the middle of the Arab Spring who causes a conflict of characters, mentalities and ideologies which are hard to find in any other contemporary movie.

The jury consisting in the sociologist Oana Valentina Suciu, the Rector of the University of Theater and Cinematographic Art “I. L. Caragiale”, Nicolae Mandea, and the writer and university lecturer Ioan Cristescu, appreciated “the artistic performance of the movie in terms of the film direction, as well as related to the actors and screenplay, the acuity of the psychological and social remarks, the human, social and political microcosm that has been created, which is universally valid, the topicality of the theme (the Arab Spring) for the development of the events in the Middle East and the direct and indirect consequences on the global politics and the way in which the importance of the national and international Media for the matter of the human right and rule of law is underlined”.

A Special Mention was given to the documentary “Razboiul Regelui” / “The King Who Tricked Hitler” directed by Trevor Poots, for “the profoundly human perspective of the movie, the pedagogical quality of the manner by which the recent history of Romania is presented and for the ability to trigger the critical thinking in relation to our own history”.

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