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August 1, 2021

Senate’s Tariceanu: Parallel power system created in Romania makes most important decisions

President of the Senate Calin Popescu-Tariceanu declared on Tuesday night at Antena 3 private TV broadcaster that a parallel operating power system has taken the most important decisions in Romania, in the past years.

“In Romania, unfortunately, in the last years, a parallel system of power has been created, I used to call it occult in the past, but now we see its components. The system took the most important decisions, not just political, but also in the Justice field. What were the President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the attorney general, the director and the deputy director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) looking for at the meetings? I do not know if the page was turned and the chapter closed. It is also Parliament’s role to see what happened. In my opinion this parallel power system that involved or not leaders or institutions, it has involved them until now.(…) Does it seem natural to have such an extended brotherhood among people who meet for a drink and make important decisions? (…) These institutions don’t belong at the same table, except for institutional situations,” Calin Popescu-Tariceanu stated.

The President of the Senate said that the parliamentary committee investigation regarding the possible frauds from the 2009 presidential elections will not overlap with that of the Prosecutor’s Office.

“Those who appreciate there is no longer a need for the parliamentary committee were in too much of a rush. The prosecutor will deal with the criminal matters.”Parliament does not fulfill this role, but the one to investigate political issues, political consequences. (…) We will review the committee’s objectives so as not to overlap with the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office. There is a lot of information that will come to the committees. People have already brought me relevant information about what happened in the 2009 elections. The gravity lies in the creation and functioning in Romania of this power system in parallel with the democratic power. The people of good faith come to vote and cast their vote to those they have expectations from. The democratic institutions were fouled by this brotherhood of institutions making decisions instead of the institutions chosen by the citizens. This situation cannot be tolerated. We are trying to return to normality. It was abuse of power, corruption of power,” Calin Popescu-Tariceanu further said.

The President of the Senate alluded that Liviu Dragnea will be the head of the committee, given that “PSD and ALDE (The Social Democratic Party and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats – ruling parties, ed. n.) have the parliamentary majority, Mr Dragnea has declared his availability and there is no legal impediment in this respect.”


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