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December 3, 2021

USR drafts bill abrogating special pensions for MPs. Dragnea, invited to be cosignatory

Save Romania Union’s (USR) Lower Chamber lawmaker Cristian Seidler stated at a press conference on Wednesday that USR has drafted the bill abrogating special pensions for MPs but will not table it until it is co-signed by Lower Chamber Speaker Liviu Dragnea, whom he invited to be the bill’s cosignatory.

“I drafted the bill abrogating what is publicly called the special pensions for parliamentarians. The bill is signed by all USR lawmakers and we have a public invitation to make, we have one more signature to get, we’re talking about the signature of Mr Nicolae Liviu Dragnea, whom we invite to join us as cosignatory of this bill for a very simple reason: in the previous parliament he resigned from his Lower Chamber seat several days before ending his mandate precisely in order not to fall under the provisions of this law and not to be a beneficiary of these future indemnities for retirement age limit. Hence, we find this to be only fair, and that is why we will not table the bill until Mr Dragnea signs it too, namely we will give him a one- or two-week deadline to read our bill and to co-sign it alongside us,” Cristian Seidler said, according to news.ro.

On 20 December 2016, PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated he no longer wants Parliament to pass laws that offer benefits to lawmakers and PSD is analysing whether it would be constitutional to abrogate the law that establishes special pensions for parliamentarians.

“I’ll no longer accept, as party president, for this Parliament to initiate or adopt any legislative act that establishes privileges or fat benefits for parliamentarians,” Dragnea said.

Asked about the law on special pensions for parliamentarians, the PSD leader stated at the time that the option to abrogate it was being analysed. “I’ve asked my colleagues to see whether some constitutional provision might stop us, these being rights earned. If there isn’t a constitutional hindrance, it will be one of the measures that will be very much backed, I’m certain,” the PSD leader explained at the time.

Liviu Dragnea also stated he would “never endorse a legislative act that would adopt special benefits or other advantages for the elected representatives.”

“Never. People come first, we work for them. After we manage to raise living standards in Romania, then we could think about ourselves too. I made a gesture I had announced a long time ago also in order to show that, not agreeing with that law that establishes special indemnities for parliamentarians who retire, I resigned from Parliament in order not to have a full mandate,” Liviu Dragnea was stating at a joint meeting of PSD’s Lower Chamber and Senate groups.

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