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January 27, 2023

Hauliers’ trade confederation, Gov’t sign protocol to eradicate unauthorized transport

The Confederation of Licensed Romanian Operators and Hauliers (COTAR) and Government representatives on Wednesday signed a protocol providing for the promotion in 30 days at the most of a draft Ordinance to amend the law on taxi transport; following the signing of the document, the carriers announced that they were dropping the protests planned for the next two days.

“Today we came to the conclusion that someone is indeed misinforming the Government. The Prime Minister had not been informed about our grievances. This I can only tell you, that given that the Premier is receiving a Georgian delegation headed by his Georgian counterpart, he mandated Government representatives to sign a protocol of which I read to you these two lines: the draft Emergency Ordinance amending Law No. 38 on taxi transport and rental deals, which the Ministry of Transport referred for preliminary consultation to the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, public administration and European funds management bodies, will be promoted within 30 days. The draft ordinance was drawn up following discussions with the hauliers’ representatives,” said COTAR president Vasile Stefanescu.

Stefanescu mentioned that following talks with the Minister of Social Dialogue, Gabriel Petrea, and phone talks with Development Minister Sevil Shhaideh, the carriers will give up the protest actions announced for the next two days.

“We will be waiting these 30 days for unauthorized, unlicensed transport to be eradicated, so that all those present and all those who today put their activity on hold all over the country and did not leave the garages waiting for our signal to be able to carry out their activity according to the laws in force. Thank you, I declare today’s rally closed!”, Stefanescu said.

He made it clear however that if the 30-day term is not observed, protests will resume “and then all the fleets in the country in the country will join.”

Uber drivers can be fined for the unauthorized transportation of passengers, according to the commitment taken by the Government to the protesting taxi drivers

About 3,000 taxi drivers gathered today in front of the Government to protest against the unauthorized transportation of passengers succeeded to convince the Government to amend the taxi drivers’ law, namely the Law no.38/2003, so that the Uber drivers or those who perform unauthorized transportation of passengers can be fined by Police.

“The phrase <<permanently>> and <<repeatedly>> will be removed from the law, because policemen on the streets cannot fine them, thy cannot take the license plates for six months to the <<pirates>> or give them maximum fines, not as the law provides now. They must catch the thief and tell him: <<Go, or I’ll catch you again>> (…) I cannot tell in any way that Uber or other transportation activity will be banned, but all those who transport passengers, no matter how, will be authorized, or they will not be able to do it. You cannot make virtual transportation. I close my eyes and I find myself in Constanta” stated the President of the Confederation of Authorized operators and Carriers in Romania (COTAR), Vasile Stefanescu.

Taxi drivers outlined that they don’t want money or grants, but they want everybody to comply with the laws on the transportation of passengers. According to the protocol concluded between taxi drivers and the Government, the taxi drivers’ law will be amended no later than within 30 days.


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