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January 17, 2022

Maurits Dohmen, Executive Director, Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC): We are extremely confident that Dutch investments in Romania will increase in the next years, both in number and in value

In the past 20 years, Romania and Netherlands have engaged in strong economical collaborations, with great benefits for both parties. In all this period, Dutch companies have invested in many economical sectors of Romania and are very well represented in industries such as transport and logistics, industrial production and engineering, food and beverages, finance and agriculture. As a result, Netherlands is in a top-ranking position, as the largest foreign contributor to the economy of Romania, for more than 6 years now, with over 4000 companies registered here.

We are extremely confident that Dutch investments in Romania will increase in the next years, both in number and in value. And to be added, many Dutch companies that have been here and moved to China or India because it’s cheaper to produce over there, come back now to Romania because this country inhabits a better labour force– better educated, faster, more detail oriented; so there are not only new investors, there are also investors that are coming back.

Going into details, Romania has much to offer, continuing to have good fact patterns in place, making it an attractive country for the short term, but also for the long term investments: relatively well-educated workforce at competitive wages, with excellent language proficieny and technical skills (all that supporting the growth of the local Shared Services & BPO market), a strategic location, abundant natural resources, good work ethics, favourable business climate, low taxes and tax exemptions for foreign investments, a liberal labor code etc.

Since 2006, NRCC promotes Romania by constantly engaging with Dutch and Romanian companies and authorities. The NRCC Nearshoring Guide, now at its 5th edition, is one of the most important tools fostering the win-win relationship between the two countries. Issued once at every 2 years and written by NRCC members, the guide is a must-read for any Dutch company that considers nearshoring or opening a branch in Romania. The guide is distributed to the Dutch Chambers of Commerce in the Netherlands, the Dutch Romanian Network, participants of incoming trade missions and the Embassy of Romania in the Netherlands. We are also actively supporting newcomers through our wide network of members providing expertise and useful services for a Dutch player entering the local market.

Romania boasts many business opportunities especially in the agro-food industry, IT&C and other creative industries and moreover when it comes to SMEs, a sector with the potential of becoming a seed of economic revival, essential for Romania’s development. The Dutch can and will support this process by bringing not only financial investment, but also their expertise and for sure NRCC is highly committed in being an active facilitator and contributor.

Also, creating a stronger Romanian SMEs sector at regional levels is a long term objective in the strategy of the Chamber. Put into practice, this will imply dedicated events, deliverables focusing on content, business matchmaking and trade missions Netherlands – Romania and Romania – Netherlands as well, with the support of our sister organisation in Netherlands, DRN (Dutch Romanian Network).

There is still room for improvements, but the business sentiment is stabilizing and there is generally a positive business attitude. Romanians are keen to work and progress, key-ingredients a foreign investors looks for, beside stability in policymaking and taxes. If Romania, both private and public sectors, start to invest much more in infrastructure, education and more value added industry sectors, for sure the country will be able to consolidate a very long term sustainable growth path.


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