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May 16, 2021

PM Grindeanu, working meeting with big Romanian investors: We need public policies to boost Romanian capital

Romania needs public policies to boost the Romanian capital, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on Thursday told a working meeting at the Victoria governmental Palace with the big Romanian investors.

“The Romanian capital accounts for 47 percent of the business in Romania. You are the biggest employers and pay the highest corporate tax in the country. (…) We need public policies to bolster Romanian capital and ensure it a transparent, stable framework and I wish it to be as predictable as possible, with your companies developing and bringing added value to the state, and to the Romanian staff you have, of course, and not only,” the head of the Government told the representatives of the large Romanian companies attending the meeting.

He also talked about the need to develop the infrastructure which is “paramount for both the government I am running and for you as companies.”

The working meeting was attended by officials from Softwin Bitdefender, Histria Defense, Network One Distribution SRL and Flanco Retail SA, S.I.E.P.C.O.F.A.R. SA, Banca Transilvania, Farmec SA, Fildas Trading SRL, Gersim Impex SRL, Transavia, Help Net Farma SA, Arabesque SRL, Adeplast SA, Altex Romania SRL, Christian ’76 Tour SRL, Aaylex Prod SRL, Cerealcom Dolj SRL, Brisegroup SRL.


“Discussion about changing method of taxation didn’t do us any good”


The discussion about the initiative on changing the method of taxation “didn’t do us any good”, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on Thursday told a meeting with the big Romanian investors, adding that he is aware that “no businessperson could make a coherent plan if they lack a stable, predictable tax framework.”

“We’ve been lowering taxes, we’ve been lowering fees, and yet I believe that many of you are bewildered by the various projects that have popped up in the public space. I won’t hide behind my finger, I’m going to put it to you straightforwardly: all this discussion about the initiative to change the method of taxation, all this talk did not do us any good,” the Premier told investors at the Victoria governmental Palace.

The head of the Executive added that he made approaches for initiatives of this kind to be discussed firstly “inside the government” ahead of being taken out to the public space.

“It is not our interest to close down companies, but to have them operating correctly so that they could contribute to Romania’s gross domestic product,” concluded the Premier.


Spokesperson Petrescu: Gov’t interested in Romania truly being business friendly


The Government is interested in making sure Romania truly is a business-friendly country, and today’s meeting of Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and big Romanian investors is in continuation of governmental action to conduct a constant and open dialogue with the business community, governmental spokesperson Alina Petrescu told journalists at a press briefing at the Government House.

“The Government’s interest lies with making sure Romania truly is a business-friendly country. To that end, the prime minister has held meetings with foreign and Romanian business leaders. He has listened to the problems and suggestions of the attendees at this meeting,” said Petrescu.

She added that a very great deal of the topics discussed on Thursday regarded the activity of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF).

“Companies and the National Agency for Fiscal Administration are not necessarily the best friends in the world, but the prevention law is designed by the Government precisely to get oversight authorities away from inspections that much too often lead to drastic measures, and instead to encourage fiscal compliance,” said Petrescu.

She added that Thursday’s meeting was in continuation of the Romanian prime minister and government’s action to conduct a constant and open dialogue with the local business community.

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