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President Iohannis on Day of War Veterans: A nation isn’t truly powerful if it doesn’t respect its history, army and heroes

President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace said that war veterans are the creators of a page of national history and a constant source of inspiration, showing that the current and future generations have the moral and civic duty of preserving Romania’s integrity and freedom.

“You represent for the youth valuable models of abnegation, devotion and authentic patriotism. For today’s generations, the determination and courage with which you have placed the security and the welfare of the entire nation above even your life represents a constant source of inspiration. The current and future generations have the moral and civic duty to preserve Romania’s integrity and freedom, respecting the values that define us as beings and as nation,” Iohannis said at the official lunch offered on the occasion of the Day of War Veterans.

He underscored that the veterans’ deeds, “worthy of appreciation, find their echo in the activity of the veteran associations, which contributed to the education of the young generation and to acquiring some well-deserved rights and facilities by Romania’s elder servicemen, as well as by veteran widows.”

“Today, only a few days before celebrating Europe Day, our thoughts go out to former fighters as well. A nation isn’t truly powerful if it doesn’t respect its history, army and heroes. For everything that you have done, you deserve full gratitude and our unconditional support! Now it is our turn that, remaining solidary with the past, we assume the present and, with confidence in the future, we bring our contribution to the global peace and stability, to the fight against the new threats on the security of the European continent and the world,” Iohannis said.

The head of state maintained that values define Romanians.

“To us, the observance of the human rights, the democratic principles is fundamental, a reason for which Romania’s Army, modernised and professional, can embark on missions wherever these values are threatened, both inside the national borders and outside of them. We are proud of the courage and professionalism that the Romanian servicemen prove in the theatres of operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Western Balkans,” Iohannis said.

He underscored that Romania is grateful to the veterans, who, over the two decades of democratic life and cooperation within the Euro-Atlantic community, participated in operations supporting peace, in post-conflict stabilisation and reconstruction missions.

The head of state addressed a “warm homage” to veteran widows.

“In conclusion, I want you to receive my appreciation and respect message, whether you are WWII veterans, or veterans of the theatres of operations where Romania’s Army has been present after 1990. I wish you good health and a long life! Many happy returns of the day to all of you!,” Iohannis concluded.

Chief of General Staff Nicolae Ciuca also attended the event.


Chief of Staff Ciuca: War veterans, an example to follow, role models of military and civic behaviour


The Chief of Staff, Nicolae Ciuca, on Thursday sent a message of appreciation and respect to the war veterans at the festive gathering organised on the occasion of the celebration of the War Veterans’ Day, survivors of WWII.

“I am very honoured to be granted the opportunity to convey my thoughts and manifestation of deep respect and appreciation, our appreciation, the Romanian Army’s, who today see you as role models, as those parables to be followed in everything we have to accomplish from now on, so that we can be your dignified descendants,” stated Ciuca.

He said that, at such times, everybody’s thoughts are with those who fought for our homeland, those who sacrificed themselves, and to their descendants.

“On this special day, our thoughts go more than ever before to those who have understood to place their duty to their homeland above their own life and thus leave us as a legacy a free and independent country. For today’s army, you, war veterans, the disabled and the war widows, you are the example to follow, you are the military and civic behaviour mirror, special people, strong characters and especially noble souls,” the Chief of Staff said.

A series of events dedicated to the “War Veterans’ Day” are organised by the Ministry of National Defence in April and May, in all the major garrisons in the country and at the site of the memorial monuments / works of the Czech Republic, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation, Slovakia and Hungary.

On April 29, every year, the “War Veterans’ Day”, established by Government Decision 1222/2007, is celebrated. In all the country’s garrisons, take place military and religious ceremonies by laying wreaths and flowers at the monuments dedicated to World War II heroes, solemn assemblies of veteran war associations, shows and exhibitions with appropriate themes, maintaining activities of heroes’ monuments and cemeteries. After World War II, Romania recorded over 900,000 deaths, injured, missing, injured and disabled, prisoners (about 92,000 deceased soldiers). At present, about 11,300 war veterans are still alive, about 400 war widows, and rd 75,500 war veterans’ widows.



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