Serbian judges extend period in which Romania can request Sebastian Ghita’s extradition

Serbian Supreme Court judges have extended by 40 days, at Romania’s request, the period in which the extradition request for Sebastian Ghita can be filed, Serbian Supreme Court Spokesperson Bojana Stankovic stated, being quoted by the Tanjug press agency.

Supreme Court Spokesperson Bojana Stankovic stated on Wednesday, for the Tanjug press agency, that the court extended by 40 days, at the Romanian Justice Ministry’s request, the period in which the extradition request can be filed.

On April 21, the Justice Ministry announced that it received the relevant documents from the courts that issued pre-trial arrest warrants for Sebastian Ghita, pointing out that they are in the process of being translated and the extradition request is set to be finalised.

“This regularity exam entails analysing that the whole documentation corresponds with the requirements entailed by the relevant international instrument – the European Convention on Extradition, Paris, 13 December 1957) –, with Romanian legislation (law no.302/2004 on international judiciary cooperation in the criminal field, republished, with subsequent amendments and supplements) and with the exigencies of the Serbian authorities that have asked, among other things, for the documents to be translated in Serbian. With the observance of the legal deadlines, after the completion of the translations, which total a considerable number of pages, the extradition request and the accompanying documents will be sent to the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia,” the Justice Ministry had pointed out in a press release.

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader stated back then that he expects Sebastian Ghita’s extradition to take place as soon as possible.

Sebastian Ghita is currently detained in Serbia, after Serbian authorities apprehended him in Belgrade on April 13. Pre-trial arrest warrants have been issued against the former Lower Chamber lawmaker, in absentia, in two DNA cases so far.


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