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September 29, 2022

Gov’t: State aid worth over 198 million lei for Complexul Energetic Hunedoara

Complexul Energetic Hunedoara -C.E.H. (Hunedoara Energy Complex) will receive a state aid in order to facilitate the closing of uncompetitive coal mines, namely Lonea and Lupeni, worth 198.830 million lei for 2017, which is fully sustained from the state, through the budget of the Energy Ministry, according to a decision adopted on Thursday by the Government.

Out of the total amount of the state aid, 134.226 million lei is granted for covering the current losses for producing energy pit coal delivered to the units that entered a final closing process, and for covering the exceptional costs sustained by these unit, the state aid accounts for 66.604 million lei, a press release of the Executive informs.

The stated aid for 2017 “it’s a support measure which is part of a larger plan, that includes granting state aids and aims at closing the uncompetitive mines within the C.E.H.,” the Gov’t revealed.

These support measures cover the 2016-2024 period, they were notified by the Romanian authorities to the European Commission in 2016 and were authorized through the Decision C(2016) 7719 (final) of 24 November 2016, the Executive mentions.

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