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April 23, 2021

Romania – Republic of Moldova bilateral event, in Ploiesti

An ample event promoting the cooperation relationships between Romania and Republic of Moldova is taking place these days in Prahova, Ploiesti.  It includes the organization of a business forum, as well as an exhibition entitled “Made in the Republic of Moldova”.

From April 27 to 29, 2017, the Prahova County Council, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Association Euroregiunea Siret-Prut-Nistru organize in Ploiesti an ample event promoting the cooperation relationships between Romania and Republic of Moldova. Under the title “Made in the Republic of Moldova”, in the three days, there will take place a number of events in order to identify concrete ways to intensify the bilateral trade exchanges, to develop joint projects and business partnerships. As the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced in a press release, the official opening of the Exhibition “Made in the Republic of Moldova” has taken place on Thursday, at the Culture Palace in Ploiesti – The Hall of the Columns; the event was followed by a bilateral Romania – Republic of Moldova Business Forum. The event is aimed to present investment opportunities in the Republic of Moldova and to organize meetings with the representatives of the Moldovan companies, for providing  the Romanian participants the chance to identify real opportunities to intensify trade exchanges or to develop business projects with the partners across the Prut.

36 Moldovan companies announced that they will attend this large event, being present both with a stand over the three days of exhibition, and at the Business Forum. The Moldovan companies represent the following areas of activity: confectionery and bakery products; winemaking and alcoholic beverages; heat pumps; conformity assessment services; audit services for certification of management systems; continuous training and certification in the field of gas; medical services; accessories, jewelry; woodworking, carpentry; packaging materials; clothing for men and women; footwear; cosmetics and perfumery; manufacture and installation of metal constructions, insulation works; agricultural machinery; agricultural products, cereals, seeds; articles of plastics; electronic equipment for aviation engines and other automatically controlled systems, etc. Among the companies that will be present in Ploiesti, there will also be companies addressing to those who are adept of a healthy diet, presenting the following products at their stands: edible vegetable oil and degreased flour; herbs and essential oils; cold pressed oils; dried fruit, plum chops, apple chips; herbal tea and phyto-balneological bath bags; fruit juices, apple juice obtained by direct squeezing; honey; organic almonds, raw almond kernels; biscuits made from hemp flour, grapes and patience.

The organizers of the event announced the presence of the Romanian Vice PM and the Environment Minister, Gratiela Gavrilescu, of the Moldovan Vice PM and Economy Minister Octavian Calmic, as well as other Romanian and Moldovan officials at the central and local level.


Deputy PM Gavrilescu: Romania’s gov’t still supporting development of sister country Moldova


Romania’s Deputy Prime Minister Gratiela Gavrilescu said Thursday in Ploiesti that the Romanian Government will continue to support the development of Moldova, adding that she would like to see more intense cooperation started between companies from the two countries.

She attended the opening of a “Made in Moldova” exhibition, alongside Moldova’s Deputy Prime Minister Octavian Calmic and Chairman of Moldova’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergiu Harea.

“I would like to see more intense cooperation started between Romanian and Moldovan companies (…) The Romanian Government and the Moldovan Government have entered a partnership. Funds have been earmarked for certain areas (…) for the development of certain regions of Moldova. The Romanian Government will continue to support the development of Moldova. (…) The Moldovans are our brothers and sisters, and we have to help each other; I believe this exchange of products is beneficial because we do not have all the products and neither do they. (…) This is a very important moment. Firstly, it is an event to bring people together. (….) I believe that this is a historic step, like always,” said Gavrilescu.

Moldova’s Deputy Prime Minister Octavian Calmic mentioned that 2016 commercial exchanges between Romania and Moldova exceeded the 1-billion-euro mark.

“Romania is Moldova’s main trade partner. In 2016, we managed to double bilateral trade to over 1 billion euro. (…) Exports include about 2,000 product categories, such as industrial products and textiles, as well as agri-food products, particularly,” said Calmic.

Chairman of Moldova’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergiu Harea said in his turn that trade between the two countries is set to advance 10-15 percent in 2017.

“Last year, we doubled the size of foreign trade between Moldova and Romania. I hope that 2017 will witness further growth of at least 10-15 percent,” said Harea.




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