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May 18, 2021

US Administration donates Romanian Border Police personal radiation detectors

The US Administration has donated personal radiation detectors to the Romanian Border Police under the Export Control and Related Border Security Program (EXBS).

“There are 70 Polimaster personal radiation detectors needed by the Romanians Border Police to conduct activities under the Second Line of Defence (SLD) porgramme entrusted to the Border Police General Inspectorate (IGPF) under a governmental agreement between Romania and the US concerning cooperation to counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” IGPF reported on Friday in a press statement.

The equipment will be used to keep around-the-clock surveillance of mainly the border checkpoints to detect radiation and use visual, audio and/or vibration alarms when a source of radiation has been identified or preset parameters have been exceeded.

The entire operation history is saved in the device’s ROM and it can be transferred to a computer.

“The dosimeters will be carried by border police officers operating at checkpoints. They have an electronic display showing radiation in the area ahead of the user; when the pre-set radiation level is exceeded, the device gives out a sound signalled to warn the user that a gamma radiation source has been detected and located,” reads the statement.

The personal detectors are used for specific missions in order to monitor and detect nuclear radiation and radioactive materials at checkpoints and to protect border police officers by giving out a sound alarm to keep clear from the radiation sources. If a radiation source is detected as the baggage or means of transportation are checked, the area is secured and the National Commission on Nuclear Activity Control (CNCAN) to analyse the findings.

The personal radiation detectors will be distributed to the Sighetul Marmatiei and Iasi Border Police inspectorates, the Coast Guard and the Otopeni Airport.

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