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October 20, 2020

Romania celebrates 100 years of diplomatic relationship with Denmark

Denmark is a close partner to Romania and has been an important supporter of the reform processes and Euro-Atlantic integration process of our country, says the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) in a release that hails the anniversary on 1 May 2017, of 100 years since the two countries, Romania and Denmark, have established legacy-level diplomatic relationship.

“Romania and Denmark are currently partners in the EU and NATO allies, by promoting the same set of values and sharing the same objectives: to ensure international security and stability, the economic progress and prosperity, and to promote the observance of democracy and human rights,” says the release.

According to the source, Romania and Denmark do share periodically the experience and expertise accumulated in the regional cooperation processes and have a similar position in the international agenda’s main files.

“The presence of an important Romanian community on the Danish territory contributes to a greater extent to the rapprochement of the two states,” adds the release.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry informs that Romania’s Embassy in Copenhagen will mark the centennial of the bilateral relationship through several politico-economic and cultural events that are to unfold throughout the entire year, as well as by publishing in the The Copenhagen Post of a special supplement dedicated to Romania.

Likewise, MAE expresses its belief that the relations between Romania and Denmark will bolster and get to know new action directions, based on the partnership within the EU and NATO.

The first diplomatic office with consular character of Denmark to Romania was the honorary Consulate of Denmark in southeastern city of Galati, set up in 1853 that has operated until after the WW II.

On 31 May 1879, the special envoy of Denmark to Vienna is received by Romania’s King Carol I, on a special mission, to notify the recognition by Denmark of the state independence of Romania.

The first consulate general of Romania in Copenhagen was founded on 24 December 1892, and in 1914 the honorary consulate of Denmark in Bucharest was fathered.

On 3 May 1917, in the northeastern City of Iasi was issued the Decree No. 407 that included the establishment as of 1 May 1917, of two diplomatic offices in Copenhagen and Christiania.

The World War II and the occupation of Denmark by Nazi Germany have triggered the interruption of the Romanian-Danish relationship in 1940, that were resumed in 1946. On 24 November 1964, the diplomatic representatives of the two states were raised to embassy rank.

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