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November 29, 2021

Health Minister Florian Bodog about the vaccine crisis: Ten thousand doses of ROR will be delivered this week. We are pushing for the delivery of the hexavalent vaccine

Health Minister Florian Bodog stated on Tuesday that ten thousand doses of ROR vaccine will be delivered this week, and other 110,000 doses will be sent to the public health departments next week. The Minister announced that pressure is being put on the supplier to perform the fast delivery of the hexavalent vaccine.

“As for the vaccines, the first quantity of ROR will enter this week, namely the ten thousand doses we collected from all the warehouses in the country that we notified, and distributors answered to our call and they blocked them in the warehouses. These dozes are expected to reach to the public health departments this week, and the other 110,000 doses will arrive next week. The ten thousand doses will be sent with priority in the counties where problems occurred, in the counties that reported that there are no vaccines, the ten counties. I want to mention that although there are counties where we have the vaccine, the vaccination rate continues to be low, and I asked the state secretary who deals with medical care to perform an analysis and to personally go in these counties to see which are the causes and to try to identify solutions I order to increase the vaccination rate” Florian Bodog stated.

The statements of the Health Minister came after a 9-year old girl died in Timisoara because of the measles. Bodog explained that although this is the diagnosis established by the doctors, the results of the tests made by the Cantacuzino Institute are also expected. Regarding the measures which the Ministry intends to take to solve the matter of the vaccine which protects against measles, mumps and rubella, the Minister stated that a buffer stock of vaccines will be created.

“One of the measures we can take after the Vaccine Law will be approved is to create this buffer stock which exists in other European countries, too. This buffer stock which has a certain validity period and which could ensure our comfort until other procurement procedures will be performed. What I can tell you is that we decided that all the procurement procedures made for the vaccine will rely on a framework agreement between 2 and 4 years. However, there are vaccines which are not registered on the Romanian market, being brought according to the special needs procedure, and it’s quite difficult to conclude a framework agreement with a foreign partner”, Bodog added.

As for the hexavalent vaccine, the Minister says that pressures is being put on the supplying company in order to have a fast delivery.

“For the hexavalent vaccine, part of the amount of the vaccine has already been delivered and we are pushing the supplying company to deliver the next amount of vaccine as soon as possible. Vaccines are not produced from one day to another because Romania didn’t have firm contract of vaccines, the procedure for the hexavalent vaccine was even canceled at the beginning of the year due to irregularities. Vaccine deliveries are very difficult. We have requested and received the promise from the WHO Regional Director that they will contact absolutely all pharmaceutical companies who deliver vaccines in Romania, to supplement and deliver the necessary vaccines in Romania with priority” Bodog said.

Next week, Health Minister will attend in Malta a meeting with the most important pharmaceutical companies, to discuss the vaccine matter.

Bodog says that there is necessary that doctors will not position themselves against vaccination.

“As I said that a responsible parent must vaccinate his or her child, I believe a responsible doctor must recognize, respect and promote the values of the medical research. I don’t believe a doctor has the right to make propaganda against vaccine given that there are proofs, there are very many diseases that have been eradicated by vaccine, and today we are in a full measles epidemic. The current Vaccine Law doesn’t provide any chapter for sanctions. These sanctions will appear when we will have discussions with the College of Physicians and with civil society. Following the debates, we will introduce such a chapter as well, and if we will not do this, our colleagues in the Health Committees of the Parliament can bring amendments” the Health Minister stated.

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