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May 11, 2021

In 2016, PSD raised RON 15 million from contributions

In 2016, the Social Democrat Party (PSD) raised RON 15 million from current contributions; 30 parliamentarians and 10 MEPs paid contributions higher than 10 minimum gross national salaries, being obliged to declare them nominally. The Finance Minister Viorel Stefan, the Arges MP Catalin Radulescu, recently suspended from the party, and MEP Daciana Sarbu, are included among them. Regarding donations, 19 party members, including local representatives, former candidates, paid in total more than RON 500,000.

According to the report made by PSD, published in the Official Journal, the total contribution of the members of the party, in 2016, amounted RON 14,932,814. The report is provided by the Article 5, paragraph 4 of the Law on the financing of the political parties: “Parties have the obligation to publish in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I, until April 30 of the next year, the total amount of the income from contributions obtained in the previous fiscal year, as well as the list of the party members who paid in the previous fiscal year contributions whose total value exceeds 10 minimum gross national salaries”.

The total amount of the contributions whose amount exceeds 10 minimum gross national salaries, is RON 1,663,595.


30 parliamentarians consistently contributed to the party


Eight senators and 22 deputies are included among those who consistently contributed to the party. The first four places are taken by Hunedoara parliamentarians: Senator Cornel-Cristian Resmerita (RON 56,500) and Deputies Laurentiu Nistor (RON 56,800), Natalia Intotero (RON 55,800) and Ilie Toma (RON 50,000). Another Hunedoara Deputy, Petru-Sorin Marica, paid contributions amounting RON 20,000.

Nistor, Resmerita and Intotero have exceeded the contribution ceiling provided by the law in Article 5, paragraph 3: “The amount of contributions paid in one year by a party member may not exceed 48 minimum gross national salaries. The country’s minimum gross basic salary considered as a reference is the one existing on January 1 of that year”. On January 1, 2016, the minimum salary was RON 1,050. As a result, the amount of 48 minimum salaries is RON 50,400.

The Arges Deputy Catalin Radulescu was recently suspended from the party for his statements regarding the protesters from January and February, although he paid contributions amounting to RON 36,500 in 2016, one of the most consistent contributions, higher than most of his colleagues from the Chamber group.

There are also former Social Democrat parliamentarians who paid important contributions to the party, although they are not in the current Parliament, such as former Prahova Senator Augustin-Constantin Mitu (RON 48,900) and former Alba Deputy Calin Potor (RON 12,500).

There are three people on the list presented by PSD, who exceeded the threshold of 10 minimum gross national salaries, both in terms of contributions and donations.


Ten MEPs paid contributions higher than ten minimum gross salaries; Daciana Sarbu paid Ron 50,000



In 2016, ten PSD MEPs paid contributions to the party exceeding the ceiling of 10 minimum gross national salaries, therefore the list of the names can be found in the financial statements published in the Official Journal. The highest contribution, amounting RON 50,000, was paid by Daciana Sarbu.

In the contribution chart, Daciana Sarbu is followed by Claudia Tapardel, with RON 44,325, Andi Cristea with RON 36,500, and Emilian Pavel with RON 36,300.

The following positions are taken by Ioan Mircea Pascu – RON 36,000, Ciprian Tanasescu  – RON 24,380, Sorin Moisa – RON 23,369, Viorica Dancila – RON 21,100, and Dan Nica – RON 15,620.

The smallest amount was paid by Victor Negrescu, who contributed to the party with RON 12,450.


Total donations of more than RON 500,000 from 19 PSD members


Local, and county counselors, parliamentarians, former candidates for a seat in Parliament, donated to the party amounts of money higher than 10 minimum gross national salaries, totaling RON 569,845.

The most generous of the 19 members in this situations, is the current District 5 mayor, Daniel Florea, with a donation of RON 140,050. Besides, he also donated through his law office.

The second place I terms of donation level, with RON 60,000, belongs to Liviu Gheorghita Goncea, District 1 conselor, shareholder at KIA ROMAUTO SRL.

Mihai Paul Pancos, who was subject to a decision of excluding him from the party, which he challenged in front of the court, offered RON 42,000 to PSD, being followed by Cornel Suciu, with a donation of RON 40,000. Suciu is also on the list with higher contributions, contributing with RON 16,030. Cornel Suciu failed to enter the Parliament, being the second on the PSD Alba lists for the Deputies’ Chamber.

The winner of an Alba deputy seat, Ioan Darzu, also donated RON 12,000 to the party and contributed with RON 11,370.

Cristian Gavra, county counselor in Arad, also contributed with RON 33,900 to the party’s budget.


Donations of RON 225,900 from nine companies


Nine companies from Constanta, Ialomita, Cluj, Timis and Bucharest made donations to PSD above the level of ten minimum gross national salaries, totaling RON 225,900.

The highest amount, RON 80,000, was given by Leading Construct SRL from Timis. The company with the second highest donation, RON 45,000, Almira Trading, specialized in the wholesale trade of food products, is also from Timis.

The law office belonging to Daniel Florea, the District 5 Mayor, gave RON 40,000 to PSD. Other six companies donated between RON 10,000 and RON 20,000.



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