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October 25, 2021

President Iohannis: Gov’t must put a headquarter at the disposal of the European Medicines Agency now, not someday

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Saturday in Brussels that the Government must quickly take care of respecting the logistic criteria in order to allow European Medicines Agency to move from London to Bucharest, otherwise the chances for this thing to happen will be very small.

President Klaus Iohannis announced that the members of the European Council decided that the criteria on which European agencies currently located in London will be relocated, will be established in June, and the final decisions will be taken this autumn.

Iohannis stated that he intends to ask for a bonus for the countries not having a European agency on their territory, given that Romania wishes that European Medicines Agency will be moved in Bucharest.

On the other hand, the Romanian Government must provide guarantees that the Agency will benefit from all the necessary conditions. “European Medicines Agency is a big agency, with one thousand people, laboratories, and so on. The first requirement, regardless of our political discussions, is that the state in question has to provide headquarter. If it wants this agency, Romanian Government must identify with maximum celerity a premises to be put at this agency’s disposal not someday, but now, this autumn. This is the first step. The second step is to be open to negotiations for the conditions we provide to these people, since they are special living and financial conditions and many other issues”, Iohannis stated.

President outlined that logistic criteria prevail over political ones. “There will be political criteria, but the hard criteria, the logistic criteria, are already clear today. If we cannot provide them, I’m afraid the chances will be very small. By now, I didn’t heard that the Government identified any premises to be provided. The Government makes these approaches and I hope it will be understood that everything is ok. All of us want, all of us are lobbying, but we can’t do it without premises”, Klaus Iohannis concluded.

After Brexit, Romania wants to host European Medicines Agency, which is currently located in London, stated the PPE MEP Theodor Stolojan at a meeting with the Romanian journalists, on February 28, in Brussels.

But he warned that steps should be taken in this regard early.

 “The battle between the rest of the Member States has begun on who gets what from what European or other institutions UK had, for instance there is the European Medicines Agency, which we are also interested about, we don’t have any European agency” Theodor Stolojan stated.

“We are a contender, too, but other contenders for this European agency also appeared” he added.

The information was confirmed also by MEP Marian-Jean Marinescu. He underlined that Romania has the very important advantage that it doesn’t have any European agency.

“UK, as a financial center, is also a clearing center for everything that means financial operations with derivatives for the whole EU, derivative financial transactions for the entire European Union, so any derivative transaction that is made in Sibiu has UK clearing.”

The European Medicines Agency has 900 employees and oversees the safety of medicines sold in the EU, a market with over 500 million consumers.

Milan, but also Vienna and Amsterdam have already expressed their intention to attract this agency, which brings important economic benefits to the host city. Thus, employees are paid by the EU, and the city where the head office is located collects income from office rents, for instance. In addition, conference organizers as well as hotels can benefit from this.



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