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June 26, 2022

Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Today, Romania and Poland are committed partners with convergent interests in maintaining our region under the umbrella of security and prosperity

We convey our best wishes and most cordial congratulations to the people of the Republic of Poland, who celebrate today (May 3) the National Day – the adoption of their first Constitution.

A landmark in the history of the Polish nation, the Constitution of 1791 represents a symbol of courage and political will that echoes through the centuries. Opening the series of written constitutions in modern Europe, it emerged as a fusion of European ideals of Enlightenment, national realism and local identities, and offered our continent an innovative prospect of constitutional transformation based on separation of powers and the acknowledgement that authority should derive from democratic principles.

Looking back to this momentous event as well as forward to the Centennials next year that both Romania and Poland celebrate, we are reminded of the unceasing endeavour of our peoples to achieve a free and democratic destiny. This shared legacy has been the basis of our bilateral relations, which have grown over the years to reach the current excellent level of cooperation.

Today, Romania and Poland are committed partners with convergent interests in maintaining our region under the umbrella of security and prosperity. The recent arrival of multinational NATO forces in Orzysz, to which Romania adjoined troops, is a testament of solidarity that previous generations of Poles and Romanians could only aspire to. Allied soldiers from both sides of the Atlantic are defending together our common values in different parts of the world, in an unparalleled display of unity. To be part of this robust defensive Alliance is an astonishing success that honours the memory of all the lives unjustly lost in former battles while providing solid guarantees for the safety of today’s and tomorrow’s citizens.

We are currently facing again an unsettled international environment that requires an ever-closer cooperation between our countries. The future of the European project is marked by complex challenges as well as unforeseen opportunities. With joint and sustained efforts, Romania and Poland, reflecting both our combined political will, as well as the size of our population, have much to offer in the process of improving the European project so that it responds more efficiently to the needs of our citizens.

Learning from the lessons of our own integration stories, we share, in Warsaw and Bucharest, the same understanding that the only way towards a more sustainable development is the European path. That is why we strongly believe it is very important to continue to support the aspiring EU membership states in their pursuit of peace, stability and progress.

Convinced that the strong Romanian-Polish Strategic Partnership will deliver this result and more, we once more convey to the Polish people our warmest wishes of success and well-being on their National Day!



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