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September 29, 2022

USR: Contributions of RON 3,367, donations of almost RON 3 million, confidential donations of more than RON 150,000 and a loan of over RON 100,000

In 2016, Save Romania Union (USR) raised RON 3,367 from contributions, the last four months of the year being taken into account, since the moment when the party was registered, and received donations of RON 2.8 million from 60 people, of which 23 people were parliamentarians. It also benefited from confidential donations, as well as from a loan, which had to be returned until April 10.

One of the 60 people who made donations over the level of ten minimum gross national salaries above which they must be nominally declared, according to the law, totaling RON 2,848,727, is the leader of the party, Nicusor Dan, with RON 187,000.

Besides Nicusor Dan, other deputies who donated money to USB or USR are: Cosette Cichirau – RON 10,500, Catalin Drula  – RON 25,500, Cristian Ghinea – RON 24,096, Cristina Pruna – RON 58,345, Bogdan Rudeanu – RON 56,000, Lucian Stanciu – RON 53,000, Oana Bizgan – RON 48,060, Manuel Costescu – RON 44,939, Mihai Botez – RON 38,100, Stelian Ion – RON 35,525, Iulian Bulai – RON 32,900,  Sergiu Vlad – RON 28,600, Liviu Mosteanu – RON 24,800, Rares Pop – RON 24,800, Silviu Dehelean – RON 22,750, Vlad Durus – RON 20,720, Tudor Benga – RON 18,400, Adrian Prisnel – RON 14,375, Cristina Iurisniti – RON 11,280, Lavinia Abu Amra – RON 11,000, Cristian Seidler  – RON 62,842.

In Lavinia Abu Amra’s case, the donated amount is much higher than the income received last year, which, according to her statement of assets, was around RON 2,300. She didn’t mention any bank deposit or loan in her statement of assets. Cristina Iusniti donated a quarter of her income for 2016 to USR. Iulian Bulai and other parliamentarians also mentioned the money they donated to the party, in their statements of assets.

Among senators, only Mihai Gotiu made a donation to USR – RON 28,787.

The following persons also donated money to the party: Clotilde Armand – RON 104,900, Roxana Wring – RON 44,000, Florin Talpes – RON 111,000, Iulian Stanciu – RON 210,000.

Five companies, of which four companies are in MHS Holding, which belongs to the businessman Michael Horst Schmidt, made donations totaling RON 130,000. They are MHS Truck Bus SRL – RON 50,000, MHS Otopeni Truck Bus SRL – RON 22,000, MHS Leasing and Rentig SRL – RON 22,000, MHS Truck Service SRL – RON 21,000, AND Rhennania IMMO SRL – RON 15,000.

Both Save Bucharest Union and Save Romania Union received confidential donations totaling RON 152,246. Thus, USB received donations between RON 50 and RON 9,000, from April to October, while USR benefited from donations amounting RON 5,350, RON 87,881, RON 10,160 and RN 8,875, between September to December.

Only one person, Marian Seitan, granted a loan to the party over the value of 100 minimum gross national salaries, which involves the name of the person who granted the loan to be declared. In Seitan’s case, it is a loan of RON 108,000, granted in October 2016, which should have been returned by April 10, 2017.

Total loans of RON 98,945 also have been granted, being mentioned in the category of the loans under the ceiling of 100 minimum gross national salaries.

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