USR’s Nicusor Dan says time is right for President to trigger referendum on Justice and anti-corruption

Chairman of the Save Romania Union (USR, opposition) Nicusor Dan said on Thursday that it would be a sensible action for President Klaus Iohannis to trigger a referendum on Justice and anti-corruption.

“Looking back at developments in the judiciary in the last four months, I cannot help mentioning OUG No. 13 released in the same night with the bill amending the pardon law, yesterday we had the episode with the decriminalization of influence peddling and bribe giving / taking, today the Power backtracked on this. Then we had the bill redefining the conflict of interest, which was approved by the Chamber’s Law Committee. We had the law on serving sentences, which cuts all punishments to practically one third. We then had the amendment of the rules of inquiry commissions so that magistrates can be summoned to these commissions, and we had the abolition of the quorum in parliamentary committees, all these are attacks on the rule of law and the justice system, and we consider that the time is right for President Iohannis to start the referendum on Justice and anti-corruption, to get a clear view of what the Romanians want and for the Power to understand if their current actions are or not in the mandate entrusted to them at the parliamentary elections,” Nicusor Dan told a press conference at the Palace of Parliament.

He added that the Power put pressure on the Minister of Justice to dismiss the Prosecutor General and the chief prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate.

“We believe that the Romanian society needs to turn its energies to more constructive directions than checking what the Government or Parliament have done in the judiciary,” said the USR leader.


USR demands re-establishment of Electoral Code Committee: 2016 elections show reform must continue


The Save Romania Union (USR) has sent to the Speakers of the two Houses of Parliament a request concerning the re-establishment of the Electoral Code Committee that drafted the electoral laws, arguing that the local and parliamentary elections of 2016 have shown that there is a continued need to reform the system.

“We’ve asked the Speakers of the two Houses of Parliament to re-establish the Electoral Code Committee, because Romania must continue the electoral reform that started in recent years. In 2015, several laws were modified – the local elections law, the political parties law, the campaign contributions law – which led to the emergence of new political actors, including the Save Romania Union. The local and parliamentary elections of 2016 have shown that there is the need to continue the electoral reform,” USR Senator Florina Presada stated at a press conference.

She claims that electoral reform must seek to raise political participation and the equality of treatment between political actors, but also to establish a standard procedural framework in what concerns the holding of various types of elections.

“There are discrepancies in the way local elections and parliamentary elections are taking place and we believe there is the need to make the rules uniform. We can’t change the current political class if we maintain the current electoral rules,” Presada added.

The USR lawmaker stated that the law on European Parliament elections and the law on presidential elections need to be modified too.

The Electoral Code Committee worked in 2015, modifying the electoral legislation and the legislation concerning campaign contributions. The Committee also drafted the bill on postal voting.

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