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February 1, 2023

Daniel Constantin, Mircea Banias and Eugen Durbaca kicked out of ALDE, party leadership decides

The leadership of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) decided on Thursday to exclude Daniel Constantin, Eugen Durbaca and Mircea Banias from the party, ALDE Vice President Andrei Gerea informed.

ALDE Vice President Andrei Gerea announced on Thursday, following the meeting of the Standing Delegation, that Daniel Constantin, Mircea Banias and Eugen Durbaca were excluded from the party, even though a mediation with two of them was attempted for one week, without any results. He added that the vote in favour of the decision was overwhelming.

“Three exclusions from the party were adopted – Mr Daniel Constantin, Mr Mircea Banias and Mr Eugen Durbaca. No other proposed exclusions were made. You’ve already known these names for the past week. It was a week in which we attempted a mediation with two of those on this list, who had filed certain legal actions against the party, but unfortunately we were unable to reach any result so we were forced to take this decision today,” ALDE Vice President Andrei Gerea stated.

“An overwhelming vote; of the 96 persons present, there were 92 votes for Daniel Constantin and 91 each for the others,” Gerea added.

Three of ALDE’s leadership bodies – the Executive Political Bureau, the Central Political Bureau and the Standing Delegation – held successive meetings on Thursday, to decide the exclusion of former ALDE Co-President Daniel Constantin.

ALDE’s Executive Political Bureau decided last Thursday to propose that the Standing Delegation should exclude Daniel Constantin from the party, Calin Popescu Tariceanu warning the signatories of the legal challenges to withdraw their signatures or face the same fate.


Dragnea on Daniel Constantin’s exclusion: Parliamentary majority won’t be affected; I personally regret it


PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday that the scandal over Daniel Constantin’s exclusion from ALDE will not affect the ruling coalition, adding that he regrets that Daniel Constantin and Calin Popescu-Tariceanu did not manage to find a “bridge” to unite them.

“The parliamentary majority will not be affected, but I personally regret we reached this situation, I honestly regret it. I’m sorry Mr Tariceanu and Mr Daniel Constantin were unable to find – during these 10 months since we’ve won the elections and formed the coalition – a bridge to unite them,” Dragnea said when asked whether the scandal within ALDE and the decision to exclude Daniel Constantin would affect the coalition.

He pointed out it’s not all right that Daniel Constantin is no longer part of ALDE’s leadership and member of Government.

“For me, and I believe for many of my colleagues too, it’s not all right that Daniel Constantin is no longer member of ALDE’s leadership and of the Government, but it’s our ALDE colleagues’ decision. (…) I personally regret that that team is no longer complete,” Dragnea added.

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