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July 1, 2022

Dragnea, “disappointed” by the manner in which Senate’s Judiciary Committee worked on the pardon: Serban Nicolae’s situation, decided in PSD

PSD’s Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday, at the Parliament, that he is “quite disappointed” by the manner in which the Senate’s Judiciary Committee worked on the pardon for corruption deeds, and that Serban Nicolae’s situation will be decided at the National Executive Committee, given that the manner in which some of the Social Democrats understand to respect what the party decides, must be established.

“I didn’t talk (to Serban Nicolae – e.n.). I don’t agree on pardoning the corruption deeds. I am quite disappointed by the manner in which the Senate’s Legal Committee worked until now, on this issue. The Pardon Law will not refer to corruption deeds” Liviu Dragnea stated.

The PSD leader also said that he is interested for the Pardon Law not to include those amendments referring to the pardon of the corruption deeds.

“What happened yesterday in the Committee, what happened today in the Committee, what could happen from now on, will be subject to discussion inside the party. Those amendments will not be included in the Legal Committee’s final report. We will have a decision based on this discussion inside the party”, PSD President underlined.

Further asked if Serban Nicolae should resign, Liviu Dragnea stated that he keeps his right to say this inside the party.

“We will definitely have (the National Executive Committee – e.n.), to discuss on this issue, on the manner in which some of our colleagues understand to respect the party’s decisions. The party must be respected not only before receiving the confirmation that you are on a list and you will enter the Parliament. The party must be respected later, too. Each one of us may have personal opinions in our bathroom or in other places. When I speak as the PSD President, I rely on the statute, speaking in the name of the party and following certain decisions adopted by the party and which continue to be available” the Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber pointed out.

Liviu Dragnea reiterated that he is “disappointed” by the manner in which the Senate’s Legal Committee worked and that Social Democrats could have such a behavior only if they were independent in the Parliament.

“I am disappointed by the fact that a decision has been taken and there were public opinions, not only mine, and I said that PSD does not support the pardon of the corruption deeds, and yet there are some of my colleagues who appreciate that these are personal opinions. If they were independent in the Parliament, they could have this opinion. Now, they can’t”, stated the PSD President.

Dragnea claimed that “there are certain colleagues who, by their actions, led by certain reasons, can affect the image of this party”.

Asked when the meeting of the National Executive Committee will be held, the PSD leader answered that it will take place as soon as possible.


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