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February 1, 2023

ForMin Melescanu: I am in favor of high level meeting between EU and US

Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu stated on Thursday that he is in favor of a high level meeting between the European Union (EU) and the US, in which to be discussed the effect of the US foreign policies’ changes over Europe.

“I am in favor of a high level meeting between the EU and US, in which to discuss about what will be the effect of changes of US foreign policies over Europe, and particularly over Romania. For Romania the most important thing is the status of Romania-US relationship in the future. Let’s not forget NATO’s presence through the US in Romania,” the Minister said.

He mentioned that Romania, part of the EU, wants to strengthen the relation with the US.

“Romania also is part of the EU, but, at the same time, it’s a distinct country and it’s not by chance the fact that we want to strengthen our US-Romania relation and we are doing it. […] Romania committed to spend 2 percent of the GDP for the endowment of the Army. And this reveals that we want to handle our responsibilities,” Melescanu stated within the Good Governance Summit organized by Strategikon, that is taking place at the National Bank of Romania (BNR).


“National minority rights’ protection, necessary ingredient for regional stability, security”


Approving and implementing international standards for national minority rights’ protection in Romania are probably among the most advanced in Europe, Teodor Melescanu also told Strategikon’s Good Governance Summit on Thursday.

“This is one of the important components in the human rights corpus, but in the Romanian diplomacy’s practice and vision, it was and continues to be a necessary ingredient for regional stability and security and good neighbourly relations. European countries without a national minority on its soil is in fact the exception from the general rule, and observing the minority rights is in our opinion a test of maturity in a Europe where intolerance has prevailed and that has found itself repeatedly torn apart by conflicts between majorities and minorities, be them ethnic, religious or of any other nature,” said Melescanu.

He went on to say that the lessons of the past should not be forgotten today either, amidst worries triggered by globalisation and social and economic issues.

“We are unfortunately witnessing a worsening of hate speech generated by intolerance and ignorance alike, fuelled through more or less subtle collective consciousness control mechanisms, through strategic communications and informational war mounted by state and non-state players alike. But all this phenomena lead to a competitive substance that sketches up contemporary reality. (…) That is why advocating for a united Europe and very strong trans-Atlantic relationships are not mere foreign policy objectives of the Government, but they are a strategic option of the entire Romanian society,” said Melescanu.

He then discussed the idea of resilience, which is precisely defined inside NATO as well as the European Union, where it has been awarded extended valences covering the diversity of risk sources that can negatively affects the union and its member states.

Melescanu added that interdenominational dialogue – included in the EU’s global strategy document – is an integral part of building good governance, underscoring that including good governance in the dialogue between the external and internal partners to countries and societies should be made by keeping in mind cultivating universal values that unite instead of disunite.

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