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October 26, 2021

Hope Concert 2017 – an edition of premieres

The fifth edition of Hope Concert, a gala which is organized by the Hope and Homes for Children foundation to support vulnerable children in Romania, will be held on May 7, at the Romanian Athenaeum. This year’s edition brings together important artists, bringing classical, pop and rock music on the Athenaeum stage. Loredana, Andra, mezzo-soprano Roxana Constantinescu, Adrian Despot, the leader of the Vita de Vie band, and the famous National Chamber Choir “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” attend Hope and Homes for the first time. Actor Marius Manole, pianist Andrei Licaret and the Violoncellissimo Ensemble led by Maestro Marin Cazacu will also be on the event’s poster. The concert will be presented by Amalia Enache, a PRO TV journalist, together with Dragos Bucurenci, a civic activist.



The fifth Hope Concert edition is an edition of premieres: Loredana and Andra will sing for the first time on the Romanian Athenaeum stage, along with the Violoncellissimo Ensemble led by Maestro Marin Cazacu. They will sing their own songs, specially rearranged for the cellos ensemble.


Loredana stated: “As the daughter of a teacher and as a mother, I know how important is any support for children in their training period. It’s an honor to me to join the Hope and Homes for Children campaign this year, bringing with my music, through Hope Concert, direct benefits to children who need our support”, according to a press release issued by the organizers. In her turn, Andra said: “I grew up in a modest family with four children, sharing our clothes and toys, and that helped me later to understand how important is to live in a house where you can feel unconditioned love of those around you and how this gives you the power to be like you wish to be. My parents did many sacrifices for me to be the artist that I am today, and I believe any child deserves this chance”.


Mezzo-soprano Roxana Constantinescu, an artist with a remarkable international career, specially comes in Romania for this event, after she was applauded on international stages, such as the lyric theater “La Fenice” of Venice, the operas in Rome, Zurich, Toulouse, Berlin or Tokyo.


Adrian Despot, the soloist of the Vita de Vie band, also joins for the first time to Hope Concert to bring his contribution to achieving the dream of Hope and Homes for Children to offer a home and a family to every child. The list is completed by actor Marius Manole, who recently received the title of the Hope and Homes for Children Ambassador, pianist Andrei Licaret, who was present in all Hope Concert editions, and the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal – Marin Constantin”. Composers Catalin Cretu and Dor Niculescu rearranged the songs in the program in an original way, adapted for the cello orchestra. The gala will also include numerous artistic projects designed by the beneficiaries of the Hope and Homes for Children themselves, since they are involved in the event every time.


Stefan Darabus, Regional Manager for Central and South Europe at Hope and Homes for Children, briefly presents through a press release, the most important achievements of the foundation of which he is a member: “This year we reach 45,000 children whose lives we’ve changed in the last 19 years. We are going to inaugurate the family type house with the number 100. We are surrounded by adult young people, with the destiny in their own hands, whom we brought here, establishing them a totally different way than the one prepared for them. I kindly thank to our partners and to those who are supporting us every year, because with their support, we save lives and thousands of children regain their childhood”.


Princess Marina Sturdza, Honorary President of Hope and Homes for Children, announced that Her Excellency will attend the event; there will also be present ambassadors, representatives of various companies, stars and other personalities who chose to show their support this way, for the programs developed by the foundation and for the children included in these programs.


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