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April 20, 2021

PNL’s Turcan: Bill easing labour tax burden okayed by Legislative Council; long battle ahead

Acting chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Raluca Turcan says that PNL’s bill easing labour tax burden has been okayed by the Legislative Council, urging the party’s MPs to support and promote it.

“PNL’s bill to ease labour tax burden has recently been okayed by the Legislative Council. It is a first step. There is a long battle ahead. (…) I am urging lack the PNL colleagues in Parliament and the country to join forces and do our best for the bill. Let us advance and explain it! Let us strongly support it in public and at all parliamentary stages it will pass through starting with the committees and reaching the plenary session,” Turcan said Friday in a Facebook post.

She added that the bill lodged with the Senate provides for a six-percentage cut in the social security contributions due by employers and employees alike; a cut from 16 percent to 10 percent in the flat income and profit taxes; transferring the payment of the unemployment contributions to the employees exclusively and cutting the contributions due during leaves and for other benefits.

“All these measures, scheduled to come into force next year for predictability, are vital support to the private sector, which is and will be increasingly more hard hit by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) government’s populisms, incompetence and aggressive cronyism. Policies involving private investors and entrepreneurs are and should become increasingly more a major deference between us, the Liberals and the PSD members. We have to be the party that strongly supports and defends Romania’s entrepreneurs, small employers, owner of small and medium-sized enterprises, the business community and creative industries,” said Turcan.

She added that only a dynamic and expanding private sector will change Romania for the better.

“It is from a prosperous and sound private sector that money comes for real wage and pension increases, not from the pen that [PSD’s national leader] Dragnea uses to patch up the public pay law here and there. What comes from Dragnea, [Prime Minister] Grindeanu and [Labour Minister] Olguta Vasilescu is lies, more burdens on investors and more poverty for the poor,” added Turcan.

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