“We are committed to a strategy to become the most widely respected professional services firm in Romania”, says Geoff Barnes, President of Baker Tilly South East Europe Regional Council

Mr. Geoff Barnes, you are in Bucharest for the Baker Tilly South East Europe Regional Council. What is the balance sheet of the six months in which you have been President of this body?


As you may appreciate we are a private company and information like this is competitively sensitive. What we can say is that the group is in a good financial position.

What ambitious projects do you have in mind for the upcoming period as President of the Baker Tilly South East Europe Regional Council?


Whilst there is evidence globally that audit fees are reducing as a % of the revenues of many professional service firms, we see a growing demand for such services in Romania. Accordingly, we continue to invest in this service as evidenced by our recent recruitment of Mr. John Mystakidis. Similarly, we see great demand for tax services where the recruitment of Cerasela Dragos.

We consider that Greece offers enormous opportunities for a dynamic firm such as ours and we are in the process of expanding our capabilities in all service areas. This will not only enable us to serve clients in Greece but also Greek companies with an international foothold.

What were the results with which Baker Tilly South East Europe closed 2016, in contrast to 2015?


As you may appreciate this is again confidential information, but what we can say we are delighted with the results of our activities particularly during a period of considerable investment.


What were the reasons that led to the firm relocating its operations to Romania and what did this step mean for the Group in terms of benefits?


We are committed to a strategy to become the most widely respected professional services firm in Romania and our move to a first-class office facility is a crucial part of that strategy.


What are the plans for 2017 and what is the regional strategy for the firm to maintain its reputation in the market?


Following our current review of our strategy for the region we are very comfortable that our previously structured business plans remain appropriate and will provide relevant high quality service and advice to those trading in the five countries we operate (Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece). The delivery of this strategy will enhance our claim to be the premier professional services firm within the region we operate.


What sets Baker Tilly apart from its market competitors?


Problem solving, high technical input, friendly approach, can-do attitude, commercial realism that we are dealing with people.


What makes clients choose Baker Tilly services or cooperate with Baker Tilly?


Our discussions and the market intelligence feedback that we receive from clients clearly indicated that we are seen a highly-motivated group of individuals providing the very highest timely quality of professional advice.


With its portfolio of Romanian clients, Baker Tilly is 8th among the top largest accounting firms specialising in the audit, tax, legal, consulting and accounting sector. Likewise, Baker Tilly is among the top 10 firms in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Moldova too. How difficult or simple was it to win this notoriety and prestige and how difficult is it to maintain it on a market that is as dynamic and competitive as the accounting services market?


The history of our business underlines our continuous commitment to professionalism, ethics and the delivery of services clients need. This approach now provides us with a trusted client base from which we are able to further develop our business aimed at client’s requirements. These concepts have been the bedrock of our success which we anticipate will continue even during a rapidly changing global economic environment


If you were to define Baker Tilly South East Europe’s success in one word, what would be that word?


Evaluated bravery.



Inauguration of the new premises of Baker Tilly in Romania


Geoff Barnes, Chairman of Baker Tilly in South East Europe, together with Mrs. Camelia Horlaci, Country Managing Partner of Romania and Moldova, inaugurated the new premises of Baker Tilly Romania with a cocktail event, in the presence of distinguished special guests and company associates.

“The relocation of the company’s operations in Romania is another milestone within Baker Tilly’s history and a commitment to further develop its network within the nations it currently operates. This move represents the development for our firm where our growth has required us to seek for more space as it is critical to support our business plan’s progression and acceleration,” Marios A. Klitou, CEO of Baker Tilly in South East Europe stated.

Baker Tilly Romania is constantly investing in people and with this new location, the firm ensures it provides the highest work environment standards to its professionals for delivering first class quality services to its clients.

The company aims to offer its local and international clients services at the highest standards and to add value to their businesses by being committed to maintain high-level professional services in the fields of audit, tax, accounting and consulting, a press release informs.


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