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April 21, 2021

IntMin Dan: Migration phenomenon is under control at the south-est border, supplementation of personnel taken into account

Minister of Internal Affairs Carmen Dan stated on Friday, in a press conference that was held in Bistrita, that the migration phenomenon at the South-West border of Romania is “under control,” but a supplementation of personnel in this area is taken into account.

The Minister responded to a question connected to the fact that, currently, the personnel of the Romanian Gendarmerie and Border Police are deployed in Caras-Severin and Timis counties, adding that the Government is preparing a normative act regarding the number of necessary personnel.

“I don’t believe it’s a secret for anybody, from this point of view, that we are dealing with a problem, but I’m telling you that so far we managed the situation. This doesn’t mean that, in perspective, we don’t have to think about a policy through which we can allocated resources in order to maintain safety and keep under control this area. In the upcoming period, we will enter the Gov’t meeting with a bill in this regard, which also includes addressing this issue. It’s true that in that area we focused on allocating resources from other structures, I mainly refer here to the structures of the Gendarmerie and Border Police, but we must take into account supplementing and approving some indicators which will endorse this activity,” Carmen Dan stated.

The Minister of Internal Affairs reassured that the migration phenomenon is “under control.”

“Currently, the migration phenomenon is under control. So far, we are prepared to handle a larger inflow at the border crossing points, even if we currently increased surveillance and vigilance measures in that area, the monitoring is as high as possible,” the Minister mentioned.

Carmen Dan didn’t mention a number regarding the necessary personnel, but explained that, in a first stage, an intern redistribution will be carried out.


 “We need to anticipate not only react, more visible presence in public order area”


Priorities of the Interior Ministry (MAI) in the upcoming period aim at making efficient and prioritizing expenses, but also regard the investment in prevention and a more visible presence on the street in the public order area, Interior Minister Carmen Dan told a working meeting held Bistrita-Nasaud, on Friday, with representatives of the MAI structures in the county.

“On the MAI level we are analyzing several aspects that will become priorities of the next period – making efficient and prioritizing expenses, because we have the tendency to often patch things and not solve issues on long-term, the investment in prevention, because we need to anticipate, not only react and a more visible presence on the street in the public order area,” the Minister underscored, according to a release of the MAI.

According to the quoted source, within the meeting aspects regarding the organization, the need of interinstitutional cooperation, salary aspects, but also elements that can lead to the increase of citizens’ safety were discussed.

Furthermore, Carmen Dan brought to discussion the disciplinary conduct of MAI personnel, especially in respect to the relationship with the citizens.

“I insist on the behavior and attitude towards citizens. Regardless of the area you belong to, the mission of MAI personnel has a common denominator, namely helping and protecting the citizens. Any interaction of the men in uniform with the citizens should start form this premise,” the Minister conveyed to the personnel of the MAI structures of Bistrita-Nasaud county.

In this context, Minister Carmen Dan also referred to the demarches initiated for improving the salaries of MAI employees, emphasizing on the amendments of the OGU No.9/2017, mentioning that the Ministry personnel will financially benefit from these amendments in the following period.

On Saturday morning, the Interior Minister will attend the opening of a firefighters and Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) paramedic station in the village Lechinta in Bistrita-Nasaud county, a unit that will serve over 20,000 people in the area, the MAI release mentions.

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