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June 26, 2022

Cismigiu Park accommodates EU Member States Market, luring visitors with country-specific foods, customs

The fourth edition of the EU Member States Market debuted on Sunday in Bucharest’s Cismigiu Park, to a numerous attendance; the event offers a host of surprises for all age groups: artistic, recreational, educational, informative activities, creative workshops, as well as a corner dedicated to traditional international gastronomy.

The event, organized by the Infoeuropa Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with the Bucharest City Hall, is part of the events dedicated to Europe Day.

Along the alleys leading to the park’s pavilion, craftsmen promote various customs and trades, offering demonstrations of pottery, ironmongery, linocutting, weaving on horizontal and vertical looms. The product stands tempt visitors with original English tea, a variety of Greek or Spanish olives, cheese specialties and other dairy products from Netherlands.

People strolling through the park can also enjoy an international artistic program including moments of music and dance from Romania and other EU member states.

Attending the opening of the event, Minister Delegate for European Affairs Ana Birchall underscored the importance of respecting traditions, showing that Europe is definitely a part of the daily life of Romanian citizens, as reflected in the predominantly positive image of the European Union in our country.

“It is a special and useful occasion, the more so as this market of EU Member States has a double symbolism – the first has to do with the traditions and customs of each country so beautifully presented today, which practically illustrate the symbol of the European Union – unity in diversity. The second meaning refers to the spirit of solidarity that brings us all together as European citizens. This open, specifically European horizon respects the identity of each of us and at the same time unites us as citizens of our states and of the EU. I hereby call for getting acquainted with and promoting the beautiful features of the Romanian people – diligence, seriousness, honesty, fairness, respect, good will, faith and unity … These are the main qualities and principles that guide our lives every day. I think we should show everyone that truth, honesty, industriousness, care for the other, civility and respect are our true presentation cards,” Minister Ana Birchall (photo) said, according to Agerpres.

She went on to say that Romania can proudly speak to the entire Europe about its true values.

“For me, the traditional Romanian blouse, the ‘ia’ represents my Romania and to me it opens a gate to the traditional spirit of my people. That’s why I am proud to wear it each time (…) I have often wondered why we, Romanians are so divided and what we should do for the talent and intelligence of this people to be put to the service of the nation, of Romania and of Europe. A first answer may be that we should all relate to something that represents the roots of this nation, a set of values we should all respect in our lives … The 10 years since we joined the EU have not always been easy, but today we must remember that in this time our country has benefited from the opportunities arising from EU membership (…) Ten years have been for Romania a period of consolidation of democracy, social development, modernization and economic growth, as well as of visible improvement in our day to day life (…) We have no alternative to the European project and it is only up to us to render it more dynamic. We are stronger only united,” said Ana Birchall.

Bucharest Deputy Mayor Tomnita Florescu considers that in the “this century of fast communication” it becomes obvious that unfortunately, exactly true communication is missing. “It is a moment that draws us together, which makes us joyfully feel together. We are together and such a beautiful day proves that someone up there loves us,” the Deputy Mayor said.

Angela Filote, head of the European Commission’s Representation in Romania, stressed that the event is a miniature depiction of what Europe is in its diversity means.

“This market of the Member States is a small mirror of the European soul. We need more than ever your confidence because Europe is not in the best condition now, so to say, we have many inside and outside Europe who do not share the same system of values ??and who would like to see us drifting away from this system of values. What does this mean? It means peace, Europe is primarily a project of peace, and if we look at what is happening in the world – we have over 40 military conflicts with far too much suffering – then we are even more confident that we want to stay in a peace project. It is also a project of solidarity, a project based on deeply rooted values – democracy, respect for the rule of law, respect for fundamental human rights. And I think not even one Romanian does not want to see these values implemented in his and the others’ everyday life,” said Angela Filote.

Although the UK has decided by referendum to leave the EU, it has a stand of its own in Cismigiu Park, right next to the central stand that represents the Union.

I am very happy that we are here on a very beautiful day, with plenty of sunshine, to get a piece of the UK here in Bucharest. We are proud of our country (…) I hope it is something interesting for the Romanian citizens, I hope it will encourage more Romanians to visit our country. The fact that we are here means that we are a European country, we are proud of this. Last year there was a referendum, a great democratic exercise, and the decision was to get out the EU, but we remain a European country, we remain a friend of Romania’s and we are trying to further develop these lovely, friendly bilateral relations that are very productive for both Great Britain and Romania, UK Ambassador to Romania Paul Brummell told AGERPRES.

Lining the alleys of the Cismigiu Park in Bucharest were the stands organized by the embassies / honorary consular offices in Bucharest of Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Great Britain, Holland, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden; the Information Office of the European Parliament and the Representation of the European Commission in Romania also offer presentations.


Photo: Agerpres

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