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February 9, 2023

Busoi is running for PNL leadership: We must return to the “Romania of Things Well Done”

The leader of the National liberal Party (PNL) Bucharest branch, Cristian Busoi, announced on Friday that he will run for the party’s presidency, in a press statement in which he made it clear that he will continue Klaus Iohannis’s policy, insisting on the Head of State’s slogan in the presidential campaign, namely “Romania of Things Well Done” and thanking to Crin Antonescu and Vasile Blaga for the PNL’s unification, “the most important project of the divided right”.

“I’ve decided to announce my candidacy for the PNL President at the Congress that will be held on June 17. I am doing this with my entire responsibility and desire to change things for the better. Each day, we see how more and more politicians choose to look in the past, leaving Romania without a future. PNL is at the crossroads. Do we want to be the party that can build a future for Romania, or do we choose to become the party that will speak about the past with nostalgia?”  Cristian Busoi stated.

He briefly presented the priorities he believes that PNL must have to impose itself on the political stage and to recover the lost voters.

“PNL must wake up and clarify who it represents and which is its political offer in order to regain the people’s trust (…). We have the duty to defeat PSD in the presidential elections, local elections and parliamentary elections. If we don’t recover the voters who voted for Klaus Iohannis in 2014, who came out in the street to protest against PSD in 2017, PNL will never defeat PSD. PNL must prove that it can build a future for Romania and regain the trust of the young people who are economically independent of the state, those who are looking for a better life inside the country, but who are thinking of emigrating every day, those who wish to have a future” Busoi added in the announcement by which he launched his candidacy for the PNL presidency.

He also sent a message against PSD, a party which he called “the enemy of the investments, the enemy of the foreign capital and of the Romanian investors”, a party that governs “on the wolf’s principle” and on the principle of populism against which PNL must fight.

“We have to clarify ourselves, to get out of the spiral of illusion which PSD creates, according to which there are miraculous solutions in economy and tax decreases can go together with salary increases. PSD didn’t decrease taxes by pure economic conviction, PSD decreased VAT at that time because Victor Ponta and the PSD leaders of that moment needed a diversion after they lost the presidential elections. In the same way, no PSD is increasing salaries because Liviu Dragnea and the current PSD leaders are facing criminal accusations and they need a new diversion” Cristian Busoi added.

The PNL Bucharest leader also spoke about “Romania of Things Well Done”, the central slogan of Klaus Iohannis’s campaign of 2014, saying that “the first step” that PNL has to do “to offer a future to Romania” is to win the presidential elections in 2019.

“As Liberals, we have the duty to change the way in which Romania is ruled. We must return to the ideas that mobilized millions of Romanians, we must return to the Romania of things well done (…) In the coming weeks, I will do my best to bring with me most of my colleagues in PNL wo will be part of this team, I would call it the team of the future, the team of the things well done” Busoi also said.

The deadline to apply for the PNL presidency will expire on May 16, and one month later, on June 17, there will take place the congress at which the future leader of the party will be elected. The event will be held in Bucharest, at Romexpo, in the presence of 5,000 delegates. Until today, Ludovic Orban and Catalin Predoiu also announced they are running for the PNL presidency.


Busoi about the references to “Romania of Things Well Done”: Iohannis’s name must not be involved in the PNL competitions. My slogan is “The Fair, Balanced and Powerful Romania!”


Liberal Cristian Busoi answered on Saturday, on Facebook, to the criticisms against his speech, in which he spoke about “Romania of Things Well Done”, a phrase used by Klaus Iohannis in his campaign, mentioning that this is not his slogan, and the references were made in relation with PNL’s duties for the future, because the President’s name must not be involved in the party’s competitions.

“The slogan which I used to launch my candidacy is ‘The Fair, Balanced and Powerful Romania!’. The reference to the Romania of things well done is related to PNL’s duty to go further on the direction that was opened in 2014. President’s name must not be involved in the PNL’s internal competitions. This is something that I said publicly, constantly and bluntly, in the recent months” Busoi wrote.




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