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October 23, 2021

Committees for equality of chances for women and men of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate organize “Gender Equality: A test for democracy” conference

*Prime Minister says he no longer wants women in shelters, blackmailed and harassed at work place in Romania


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu states he no longer wishes for Romania – a country attached to the European values – to have women victims of domestic violence, blackmailed or harassed at their work place or women who are being denied the right to work for the simple reason that they want to start a family and have children.

“There are still false prejudices, but with deep roots in society, which limit women’s access to certain domains and create the thriving ground for discrimination and abuse. We have still got to make tangible steps before gender equality in Romania becomes a natural thing, that stems from education and mentality. There mustn’t exist any domain that women do not have access to, nor any barrier. Just like any of us, women have the right to pursue their dreams and aspirations. I believe that this occurs in Romania but I know for sure that in our country things happen that shouldn’t. I no longer want women in shelters as victims of domestic violence, defenceless women, I no longer want to hear about women being blackmailed and harassed for sexual favours at their work place and I definitely do not want to hear about women being denied the right to work for the simple reason that they want to settle down and start a family. (…) We are facing challenges that require a compound operation on behalf of all decision-making factors,” said Premier Sorin Grindeanu in the message communicated at the “Gender Equality: A test for democracy” conference, organised at the initiative of the Committees for equality of chances for women and men of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

In the message communicated during the conference by the State adviser Vladimir Ionas, the Premier underscores that the Government and Parliament must work together so as to make sure that women in Romania are truly protected and supported by the state and the authorities.

“We have a good legislation in this domain, but there are still things to be carried out in order to create the legal framework to address these challenges. And I am considering firstly the transposition into the national legislation of the provisions of the Istanbul Convention for the prevention and combat of violence against women and domestic violence. I assure you of the Government’s full support for achieving these objectives, so that we have these pieces of legislation adopted as soon as possible. (…) I believe it is high time for a change in the attitudes, behaviour and social structures that prevent women from asserting themselves more,” further reads the head of the Executive’s message.


EU Affairs Minister Birchall: Gender discrimination still an issue on background of stereotypes on women’s role in society


Gender discrimination is still an issue in Romania, also against the background of certain traditions and of the perpetuation of stereotypes about the woman’s role in the community, Minister Delegate for European Affairs Ana Birchall told the conference “Gender Equality: A Test for Democracy,” organized at the initiative of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate Commissions for equal opportunities for women and men.

“Equality before the law does not always translate at the end of the month in equal pay for equal work. Unfortunately, there are still situations where women are reduced to all sorts of stereotypes, and social norms, the laws and public policies are hostile to them,” said Birchall.

“The current state of affairs in Romania shows that the issue of gender discrimination persists also against the background of traditions and the perpetuation of stereotypes related to the woman’s role in the community, including violence against women and, obviously, imbalances in family responsibilities, which many a time mean responsibilities for the woman only. There’s statistical evidence for this,” Birchall added.

According to her, “gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but also a necessary foundation for the establishment of a democratic, prosperous and sustainable society, a barometer of the society’s development and maturity.”

The Minister Delegate also said that along with Romania’s acquiring EU membership, the principle of equal opportunities for men and women has been transposed into law, at the level of institutions and public policies, but this is not enough and discrimination still continues.

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