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October 4, 2022

ForMin Melescanu welcomes head of Iraqi Legislature al-Jubouri, discuss reinvigorating Romania-Iraq bilateral ties

Romania’s Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu on Monday welcomed Saleem Abdullah Ahmad Naser al-Jubouri, chairman of Iraq’s Council of Representatives, on an official visit to Romania, to reconfirm a mutual wish and interest in reinvigorating the overall bilateral relationship between Romania and Iraq.

The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) quotes Melescanu as hailing in a press statement the presence in Bucharest of the head of the Iraqi Legislature underscoring the importance of parliamentary diplomacy as an instrument that contributes to the consolidation of political and economic relationships between countries.

“The meeting was an occasion for the two parties to voice mutual wish and interest in reinvigorating the overall bilateral relationship between Romania and Iraq, emphasising the interest in the development of political dialogue that allows and encourages the advancement of ties between Romania and Iraq,” says MAE.

In order to bring to fruition the existing potential for bilateral economic ties, the Romanian chief diplomat underscored the need for action to continue for holding the 14th session of the Romanian-Iraqi Joint Committee on Economic, Commercial and Technical Cooperation, the importance of commercial exchanges being intensified, as well as the interest of Romanian companies in getting involved in projects for the recovery and consolidation of Iraq’s infrastructure.

MAE quotes Saleem Abdullah Ahmad Naser as signalling Iraqi Parliament’s readiness to support efforts to consolidate the bilateral relationship between Iraq and Romania, as well as the development of new projects in areas such as education and training.

Melescanu and al-Jubouri also exchanged opinions on regional affairs of shared interest.


PM Grindeanu meets Iraq Parliament Speaker Saleem Abdullah al-Jubouri; discuss diversifying Romanian-Iraqi cooperation


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu welcomed at the Victoria Governmental Palace on Monday Iraqi Parliament Speaker Saleem Abdullah al-Jubouri, who is paying a visit to Romania, a Government press release  reads.

According to the source, the discussion agenda focused on the possibilities of diversifying the Romanian-Iraqi cooperation and, in perspective, Romania’s participation in Iraq’s economic reconstruction.

“Romania is interested in developing the bilateral cooperation, including on an economic level, taking into account that the bilateral economic relations and trade exchanges haven’t yet reached the full potential. Organising the 14th meeting of the Bilateral Economic Committee will significantly contribute to thrusting and recalibrating the relations between the two countries,” PM Grindeanu said.

At the same time, the head of Government highlighted Romania’s availability to support the Iraqi efforts of reconstruction and the continuation of reforms and to provide expertise in this respect.

According to the release, Iraq’s Parliament Speaker Saleem Abdullah al-Jubouri and the other officials of the Iraqi parliamentary delegation voiced, in their turn, mutual interest in developing the bilateral economic cooperation.

“There are currently safe areas in Iraq where Romanian companies can find business opportunities, the Iraqi officials mentioned, highlighting in this context cooperation possibilities in the area of transport, education, healthcare and oil industry,” the release reads.

Moreover, Iraqi Parliament Speaker Saleem Abdullah al-Jubouri thanked Romania for the contribution brought to combating terrorism in Iraq, from the position of member of the anti-ISIL/Daesh International Coalition, the release also shows.


Dragnea – Al-Jubouri meeting: Romania is open to participate in reconstruction of Iraq


Romania is open to take part in the economic and administrative reconstruction of Iraq, Speaker of Romania’s Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea said Monday at a meeting in Bucharest with Chairman of Iraq’s Council of Representatives Saalem Abdullah Al-Jubouri.

“We have discussed our shared wish to develop, recover cooperation between Romania and Iraq, both parliamentary cooperation and economic cooperation, particularly. Romania, as you may know, has a rich cooperation experience with Iraq, as Romanian companies in the past years participated in Iraq achieving highly important chemicals and petrochemicals objectives, electricity grids, power plants, drilling and other such things,” said Dragnea.

He added that the time after terrorism is very important to Iraq’s reconstruction.

“I have assured him that Romania is open to participate in the economic and administrative reconstruction of Iraq. We have agreed on conducting closer communication and work together to achieve the development potentials of the two countries,” said Dragnea.

Al-Jubouri mentioned in his turn the prospects for furthering parliamentary cooperation.

“I have voiced our gratitude to Romania for its contribution in the fight against terrorism. We are getting ready for what comes after the liberation of the country, after we have ended the fight against terrorism, for the stage of Iraq’s reconstruction, which urges us to discuss with Romania and voice our wish for Romania to be a presence in the economic reconstruction process, aware of Romania’s rich experience and the fact that many Romanian companies used to work in Iraq previously,” said the Iraqi official.

About the European Union, he said that solidarity with Iraq is needed for the ongoing period of time.

“The meeting concluded with the signing of memorandum of understanding reflecting the importance we and Romania attach to development and cooperation between the two countries,” said Al-Jubouri.

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