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May 23, 2022

Four arrests in the case of robbing CFR Marfa

Mihut Constantin Craciun and Pavel Barculet, former General Managers of CFR Marfa, have been placed into custody for 30 days. Timis Court’s decision was announced in the middle of the night, at 3.00. The DIICOT prosecutors requested 19 arrest warrants in the case in which they investigate the manner of robbing the company by EUR 6 million.

Prosecutors detained 21 people, but they requested only 19 people to be paced into custody. Four of the defendants – including the two former managers – have been placed into custody for 30 days.

Other six people have been placed into home arrest, while the rest of them will be investigated at large, under judicial control. The decision is not final and it can be challanged at Timisoara Court of Appeal.

Investigators say that the persons in question prejudiced CFR Marfa by more than UER 6 million, after they sold 2,450 steel wagons for scrap metal prices, namely 80% lower. According to the DIICOT indictment sent to the court, they were preparing to sell a new batch of wagons. The buyer was the same, namely the company Remat Calarasi.

Prosecutors also say that the employees of the state company were fired if they refused to join the committees that decommissioned the wagons – that is, they declared them as scrap metal.

Remat Calarasi bought them with EUR 120 per ton of heavy steel resulted from dismantling the CFR Marfa wagons, and then it resold the steel to the company Silcotub for EUR 260 per ton. The information appears in the prosecutors’ report proposing the preventive arrest of the 19 former employees of CRF Marfa involved in the case of the undervalued wagons sold as scrap metal.

“It obviously appears that the main category of metal waste targeted by the criminal group was steel. It has an average trading price of EUR 218.90 per ton. Therefore, by a fraudulent work of dissimulating the steel quantities resulted from decommissioning, as scrap metal, the members of the group obviously aimed to get the price difference between the amount paid by SC Remat SA Calarasi to CFR Marfa (EUR 120 per ton of scrap metal) and the price for which Remat Calarasi further sold the steel” shows the report.

The file contains a number of phone conversations held by the manager of Remat Calarasi, Tawil Abbas, and the representative of the main client of the company Silcotub Zalau.

“Thus it appears that steel is the most negotiated product by the parties, in which case Remat Calarasi ends by selling the steel to Silcotub Zalau for the price of EUR 260 per ton (therefore, above the average market price). The issues resulting from the phone conversations are corroborated to the mentions of the invoices concluded between Remat Calarasi and Silcotub SA”, according to the prosecutors.

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