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November 27, 2021

Geoana: Basescu’s second term, illegitimate; there was an organized approach for defrauding and influencing the presidential elections

Mircea Geoana stated on Sunday evening for Antena 3, referring to the presidential elections of 2009, that Traian Basescu’s second term is “illegitimate”, and that there are cues on a coordinated and organized approach for defrauding and influencing the elections. The former Social Democrat woshed to say that there was “Basescu’s fifth column” in PSD.

“There was Basescu’s fifth column in PSD. It’s sad, because somehow it’s obvious that Traian Basescu’s second term is illegitimate, it’s obvious that there are clues on a coordinated and organized approach for defrauding and influencing the presidential elections of 2009. This is for sure. I believe it was a coordinated approach, I am saying this being totally aware that since dog does not it dog, the evidence after so many years are the most difficult to be obtained, but I believe there was no institution of the Romanian state which didn’t had anything to do, directly or indirectly, with the elections, which wasn’t involved” stated Mircea Geoana, who lost the race for the presidency in 2009, in the second round of elections, against Traian Basescu.

Former Social Democrat added that he has information that “a reservoir of PINs” was created among the Roma population, in Traian Basescu’s favor.

“Some people say, for instance, that the famous meeting in September 2009 when the chain of golden coins was received from the Roma leaders was covered not only by a business of the President’s brother with some of the representatives, but it was decided that an important number of Roma citizens without PIN, hundreds of thousands, to be introduced in the system. Some people say that this was actually the buffer that made the difference. It wasn’t attributed to all of them, but there was a reservoir of PINs available for the authorities, which could be used. I’m not saying it actually happened, but there is information to this end” Geoana underlined.

He wished to mention that he doesn’t have any positive or negative feeling regarding the establishment of the parliamentary committee for the inquiry of the presidential elections of 2009.

“However, it is extremely obvious, if we really want to give to the Parliament, which is an indispensable democratic body, the power that it should have in a democracy, it is abnormal, unlike what is happening in America, for a dignitary, except judges, to refuse to appear in Parliament” Mircea Geoana added.

These days, the Parliament debates on the establishment of a parliamentary committee for the investigation of the presidential elections of 2009. The establishment proposal will be voted next week in a joint plenary session. Parliamentarians have already amended certain provisions in the Statute on the functioning of these committees, stipulating that persons who are invited to be heard in front of the inquiry committees are obliged to appear in front of the committee, otherwise there is a possibility for them to be accused of hiding necessary data in finding out the truth.

In the same time, the Prosecution Office attached to the Supreme Court started the prosecution in rem in the case of the presidential elections of 2009, starting the investigation from the disclosures made by Dan Andronic.

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