Heavy rains and strong winds, from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday; weather to cool down starting on Wednesday

Heavy rains, thunderstorms and strong winds will occur from Sunday, 4 p.m., until Tuesday night, according to a weather report issued by the National Meteorology Administration (ANM). Likewise, the weather will cool down starting on Wednesday and snowfalls will occur at the mountainside.

According to meteorologists, the period that starts at 4 p.m. on Sunday and expires at 11 p.m. on Tuesday will feature significant atmospheric instability that will take the form of rain showers that may be torrential, thunderstorms and strong wind gusts. Hailstorms will occur over wide areas.

In hilly and mountainous areas, but also in southern, eastern and central regions, the quantity of rain will surpass 15-20 litres per square metre locally and 40-50 litres per square metres over limited areas, ANM points out.

Likewise, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday and later on Wednesday, the weather will turn cold. It will rain temporarily in the country’s south-eastern half and there will be mixed precipitations at the mountainside. In the morning, there will be frost locally, particularly in northern and central regions.

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