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September 26, 2020

PMP Executive President Valeriu Steriu: PMP-UNPR merger will definitely end by end of June

Popular Movement Party (PMP) Executive President Valeriu Steriu, former leader of the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR), stated on Saturday, for MEDIAFAX, that the merger between the two parties is not in danger, the process being set to conclude by the end of June.

“At this moment, the merger process is in the Romanian courts, which gave their ruling. There was a first ruling at the Bucharest Court, approving the merger. There were pretexts, lawyerly artifices that prolonged this process of final validation at the Court of Appeals. The merger process will definitely conclude by the end of June,” Valeriu Steriu stated.

UNPR’s Raducanu: I hope Traian Basescu “weighs” our proposal to cancel UNPR-PMP alliance

Chairman of the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR) Ion Raducanu asks Traian Basescu, in an open letter, to “weigh” the proposal of cancelling the UNPR-PMP alliance within the National College of People’s Movement Party (PMP) sitting.

“We express our belief, Mr Chairman Traian Basescu, that your wisdom and experience will weigh in the decision of the National College of PMP, in respect to our proposal to cancel, through consensus, this artificial alliance,” the open letter sent to Traian Basescu reads.

According to Ion Raducanu, UNPR’s national conference which took place from November 2016 to April 2017 in Bucharest, and whose decisions were registered in the Political Parties Register, denounced the Merger through Absorption Protocol.

“It was established that the conditions on content and form set out by the UNPR statue and by the Political Parties Law were not fulfilled and the provisions of article 5 of the Merger Protocol were not observed. To this, the special financial situations are added, being imperatively necessary that each party put things in order and pay its debts,” the quoted source mentions.

The Chairman of the UNPR recalls that, on 20 July 2016, the joint Congress of the supreme decision-making bodies of PMP and UNPR adopted the Merger through Absorption Protocol, whose purpose was the formation of a powerful party, able to win at least 50 seats in Parliament in the November 2016 elections.

“The Merger Protocol negotiated and signed by the chairmen of the two parties was based on three essential and mandatory principles: absolute parity after the appointment of presidents of county branches and after nominating the candidates for the parliamentary elections, [the second principle -e.n] priority for those with the best results in the local elections, as well as precedence [the third principle – e.n.] in nominating MPs for a new candidacy,” the UNPR leader noted.

He also reveals that just three months after the signing of the protocol, the initial agreements were forgotten, and no principle included in the protocol was observed, and the first crack in the alliance occurred on 23 October 2016, when an important number of UNPR members of the National College and county colleges, the so-called interim PMP-UNPR structures, withdrew their membership.


Traian Basescu, sarcastic comment: Raducanu is looking for attention. How could I pay attention to him?


PMP President Traian Basescu had a sarcastic comment to make on the letter in which former UNPR lawmaker Ion Raducanu asked him to accept cancelling the merger between the two parties.

“Raducanu is looking for attention. How could I pay him attention?” Traian Basescu stated for MEDIAFAX.


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