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January 17, 2022

PNL raised more than RON 8 million from membership fees and RON 19.3 million from donations, but it also made a loan of RON 1.1 million

In 2016, PNL raised RON 8,077,482 from membership fees; 43 Liberals paid membership fees of RON 846,708. The party also received donations totaling more than RON 18,400,000 from individuals and RON 924,750 from 21 companies, and it also made a loan of RON 1,108,238.

According to the report published in the Official Journal, 43 liberals paid membership fees whose total value exceeds the ceiling of 10 gross minimum national salaries, amounting RON 846,708. Among them, there are Roberta Anastase – RON 31,800, MP Ioan Balan – RON 13,900, former Senator Catalin Boboc – RON 23,000, PNL Vrancea County Counselor Liviu Bostan – RON 12,200, PNL Bucharest President, Cristian Busoi – RON 14,000, PNL Satu Mare County Counselor Adrian Cozma – RON 20,650, former MP Paul Dumbravanu – RON 35,200, Senator Iulian Dumitrescu – RON 55,000.

The following persons also paid their fees to the party: Virgil Guran – RON 23,800, Dumitru Miculescu – RON 27,050, Vasilica Steliana Miron – RON 24,400, Bogdan Nica – RON 30,600, MP Florin Roman – RON 17,650, the Senators’ leader Mario Ovidiu Oprea – RON 13,975, Senators Nicoleta Pauliuc and Ion Popa, each one with RON 12,300, and the local counselor of the District 2 City Hall Dan Cristian Popescu – RON 13,036.

The First Vice President of the party, Catalin Predoiu, also paid his dues amounting RON 15,000, along with MP Razvan Prisca – RON 33,200 lei, former Minister Theodor Stolojan – RON 45,000, MP Ionut Stroe – RON 15,850, MEP Adina Valean – RON 13,500, MP Varga Vasile – RON 21,600 and Iulian Vladu – RON 45,500.

374 individuals made donations whose total value exceeded 10 gross minimum national salaries, amounting RON 18,415,942. Thus, Andrei Aciocarlanoaie, Adrian Albu, Costel Alexe, Roberta Anastase and Gabriela Antipa gave to PNL RON 63,000 each one, Florin Alexe – RON 75,050, Gabriel Andronache – RON 89,000, Catalin Anghel – RON 68,400, Teodor Atanasiu – RON 63,000, Emilia Babiuc – RON 66,000, Pavel Badea – RON 52,000 and Sulfina Barbu – RON 75,234.

PNL also received consistent donations from Mihaela Beciu – RON 63,000, Danut Bica – RON 88,000, Ovidiu Sergiu Bilcea – RON 77,700, Lucian Bode – RON 68,400, Claudia Boghicevici – RON 70,000, Robert Boroianu – RON 95,470, Victor Paul Dobre – RON 70,000.

The biggest donations were made by the Cluj-Napoca Mayor, Emil Boc – RON 100,000, MP Marius Bodea – RON 155,250, PNL candidate for the Senate in the parliamentary elections of December 11, Hildegard Helene Brandl – RON 102.900, MP Mircea Vasile Cazan – RON 113,600, Senator Vergil Chitac – RON 131,535, former President of the PNL Galati municipal organization, Nicusor Ciumacenco – RON 108,100, PNL candidate fr the Deputies’ Chamber in the elections of December 11, Alexandru Dan Cosocariu – RON 117,000, PNL Constanta County Counselor Mariana Crusoveanu – RON 115,000, MP Daniel Fenechiu – RON 103,000, PNL Constanta County Counselor Gheorghe Muschina – RON 209,600, MP Dumitru Oprea – RON 100,250, the leader of the Liberal Senators Mario Oprea – RON 110,000 and Senator Iuliana Scantei – RON 110,330.

PNL raised RON 924,750 from the donations received from 21 companies, the most important donations being from: MHS Truck Bus – S.R.L. – RON 225,000, Orin S.A. – RON 40,000, S.C. Alexion S.R.L. – RON 50,000, S.C. Almira Trade S.R.L. – RON 50,000, SC Comision Trade S.R.L. – RON 80,000, SC Recom Sid S.R.L. – RON 50,000.

The total amount of the loans with a lower value than 100 gross minimum national salaries received by PNL in 2016 is RON 1,108,238. Thus, the Caras-Severin organization made a loan of RON 38,000 in August, the Calarasi organization made a loan of RON 47,238 in November, the Gorj organization lent RON 35,000 in June, the Neamt organization lent RON 86,000 and the headquarter of the party made a loan of RON 902,000.

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