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January 28, 2023

Romanian authorities, politicians congratulate Emmanuel Macron for winning the presidential race

President Iohannis’s congratulatory message to Macron: Romania wants to contribute alongside France to European project’s relaunch


President of Romania Klaus Iohannis on Monday sent a message of congratulations to French Republic President-elect Emmanuel Macron, expressing his willingness to work together to deepen the Romanian-French relations and relaunch the European project.

“On the occasion of your victory in the presidential election of the French Republic, I would like to address, on my own and on the Romanian people’s behalf, the warmest congratulations, along with wishes of complete success in exercising the high responsibilities entrusted to you. By your election, the French people have firmly and clearly expressed themselves in favor of the continued involvement of France in supporting the European project. Romania wants to contribute, at the side of France and the other partner states, to the re-launch and deepening of this essential project so that we can provide more security and prosperity for our citizens, in a context marked by many challenges and uncertainties,” Klaus Iohannis said in his message.

He underscores that France is a key partner for Romania, and the relations between the two countries, built on common history and linguistic and cultural affinities, have seen in recent years unprecedented development.

“I take this opportunity to assure you of my full willingness to work with you towards deepening the privileged relations between Romania and France on the basis of the solid Strategic Partnership between our countries. I am convinced that the Common Cultural Season 2018-2019 will also represent an excellent opportunity to highlight the richness and diversity of our relations,” Klaus Iohannis writes.


PM Sorin Grindeanu: Emmanuel Macron’s victory is good news for Europe, Romania


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu congratulated Emmanuel Macron for his victory in the presidential elections of France, emphasising that this victory is “a good news” for Europe and Romania, as well.

“Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron for the historical victory in the presidential elections in France! Today (Sunday – ed. n.), the French citizens are discouraging anti-Europeanism and extremism. This victory is good news for Europe and Romania!” wrote Premier Grindeanu on Sunday night on his Facebook page.


Senate Chairman Tariceanu: France vote, a victory of democracy; my congratulations to Emmanuel Macron


Yesterday’s vote in France was first of all a victory of democracy and an example of free and fair elections, Chairman of Romania’s Senate Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said Monday, congratulating France’s newly elected President Emmanuel Macron.

” Yesterday’s vote in France was first of all a victory of democracy and an example of free and fair elections. Unfortunately, increasingly more new evidence is emerging in Romania of democracy having been defeated, of elections having possibly been rigged by institutions and people that should have rather overseen the fair conduct of the elections. The French vote should be a boost to cast light on the electoral process in Romania, an objective that I and my parliamentary colleagues have taken up,” Tariceanu said Monday in a Facebook past.

He went on to say that “the French people on Sunday voiced their pro-Europe option as part of a free and democratic electoral process.”

“The conduct of the French presidential election, which riveted the attention of the Romanian people as well, should be a source of inspiration for the Romanian society, where the role of democratic institutions, their representativeness and legitimacy are being debated. After following the French electoral process, I am nurturing hope that we in Romania can be sure that the Romanians’ vote is respected, that their choice is the real one without external interference with the voting. France, its values and culture, continue to be a model for the young Romanian democracy. Let me congratulate Emmanuel Macron and wish him success with his noble mission,” reads Tariceanu’s post.


Dacian Ciolos: Emmanuel Macron’s victory, good news for European project supporters


Former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos congratulates Emmanuel Macron on his win in the French presidential election, noting that this victory is “good news” for all the supporters of the European project.

“Congratulations, Emmanuel Macron! And lots of success in your plans to refresh French politics. This victory is a good example that frankness and honesty in expression and thought are the alternative to extremism and populism, even if mistrust remains high in the society. We, all those who support the European project, received some good news last night,” Ciolos wrote on Monday on Facebook.


Politicians congratulate Emmanuel Macron on presidential victory


Chamber of Deputies Speaker and national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea on Sunday evening congratulated French President-elect Emmanuel Macron on his win. “Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron! Vive la France!” Dragnea wrote on his Facebook page.

Minister Delegate for European Affairs Ana Birchall also offers congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on winning the French presidential election, saying that it’s “a victory for the European Union.”

“Félicitations au président élu, Emmanuel Macron! Congratulations to President-elect Emmanuel Macron, whom I wish success in his high mission in the service of France and the European Union! Emmanuel Macron’s victory is a victory for the European Union! I am sure that during Emmanuel Macron’s presidential term the traditional friendship relations between Romania and France will continue to intensify to the benefit of a strong Europe. Vive l’amitié franco-roumaine!” Ana Birchall wrote on Sunday on Facebook.

Acting Chairperson of the National Liberal Party Raluca Turcan says the outcome of the French presidential election is “a lesson to brazen populism,” and stresses that everyone has something to learn from the French lesson.

“France has today sent a clear message: its place is at the center of the European Union, alongside its partners! The isolationism proposed by the far-right represented by Marine Le Pen has been categorically rejected by French citizens. France has today offered an example of democracy, maturity and vision of Europe’s future. It is the lesson of rejecting brazen populism, demagogic extremism and opportunism,” Turcan wrote Sunday on Facebook.

Former President Traian Basescu says that the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France was expectable, “a predictable result,” adding that the big problem will be managing the victory.

Traian Basescu says that Macron will have very difficult situations to handle at the beginning of his term, both internally, as regards providing parliamentary support for the next government, and as regards his commitment to reform at EU level.

Emmanuel Macron’s election as President of France is a good sign, because he is a pro-European, executive chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Porcsalmi Balint told AGERPRES, adding that the victory of Marine Le Pen would have meant a failure for democracy.

International relations expert and former presidential advisor Iulian Fota considers that with the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France, the chances for a strong European Union increase.

In his opinion, Macron’s election “has a double significance: in the first place it reinforces the trend – that was already visible in the Dutch elections – to halt the pendulum of nationalism and populism in Europe. At this moment Europe has a good chance to return to a centrist approach, focused on the values and a future of the European Union. A second significance: chances for a strong Union are growing.” In the analyst’s opinion, “without strong governments in the large countries – Germany, France, Spain, Italy – the European Union will not be able to emerge from the current crisis.”

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