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June 26, 2022

UNITER Gala: Ion Caramitru to bring European Cultural Parliament meeting to Timisoara in 2021

President of the Theater Union of Romania – UNITER Ion Caramitru stated on Saturday in Timisoara, that in 2021, when the city will hold the title of European Capital of Culture, he will plead for Timisoara to host the meeting of European Cultural Parliament (ECP).

“On Thursday I leave for Rotterdam, where it takes place the annually meeting of the ECP, established 15 years ago under the aegis of the Council of Europe, which consists of representatives of all member states. I am among the cultural senators. There, the European culture issue is debated. In 2021, if you all agree and give me mandate [Mayor Nicolae Robu -.e.n.], I will propose for the meeting of the ECP to take place in Timisoara,” Ion Caramitru stated.

Ion Caramitru is currently in Timisoara to prepare the 25th edition of the UNITER Gala, that will be attended by 300 artists belonging to the 50th theaters all over the country.

The organizers announced that the booth where the jury, made-up of two critics, one actor, one director and a scenographer will deliberate and decide the winner is already prepared.

“At its 25 years of life, we celebrate the UNITER Gala in Timisoara, the city of profound changes in the history of our country, the 2021 European Capital of Culture. Timisoara is known all over the world, and in four years from now it will be a European Capital of Culture, thus things close and reopen in a never-ending circuit and I believe that it’s good to be so,” Ion Caramitru added.

The President of UNITER underscored the fact that the theater in Romania respected its privileged place also before 1989, making it, throughout history a place to meditate, a place where one can learn new things, nurture one’s hopes, not just a place for entertainment.

“This is why our Gala has its potential, which has never been denied so far and I hope it will never be. The Gala’s potential is the respect towards the well-known cultural values of theater, which also serves literature, it does what Shakespeare calls it ‘the world’s mirror,’ and ‘corrects morals and bad habits.’ I have grown old with the UNITER Gala, I started at 50 and here I am at 75 […],” Ion Caramitru pointed out.

He thanked Mayor Nicolae Robu for “his relentless support” in organizing the Gala in Timisoara.

“In 2021 Timisoara will be a European Capital of Culture and let us propose for the Gala in 2021 to also take place in Timisoara, where this kind of cultural event is suited to be held. […] It was also launched the proposal for Timisoara city to host in 2021 the National Theater Festival. We commit to support these events and we will accomplish them. I don’t like crying people, who say they don’t have or cannot. Timisoara, just as Romania, has a huge potential, depends on how correctly the money are used. We have supported and will always support the act of culture,” Nicolae Robu told the same press conference.

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